Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Why are you being so cryptic?"

Excuse (embrace) the ADD-ness today.

Last night I got to walk on the Monon with Emily and Rach. We tried 10 01 for dinner before watching Modern Family together. It was such a good night hanging out with two of my best friends. As I was getting ready to go home and complaining that I was tired but still had much to do Emily said, "Just say no! Don't blog, you don't have too." And when I got home I took Emily's advice and I went to bed. I felt like such a rebel. Sometimes you need to do that, rebel just because  you can and you need some more sleep.

Reasons I Loved Being A Junior High Teacher Today:

1. We worked on creating our Starbucks cups in class today with a musical background of my current favorite songs. There may be nothing better than catching a twelve year old boy singing along to "Love Story" while he works on cutting out construction paper or seeing everyone's head start to nod to the beat of "Good Day".

2. I cut my hair yesterday and between observant kids in class and nice kids in the hall I'm getting compliments all day long. Great self-esteem boost.

3. Not only do I get to teach my kids how to write and improve their word choice but today we learned about using stencil, changing your original plan, glue is always a better option than tape, and it's beneficial to help other people clean up.

BIG NEWS- The student leaders, freshmen that come back to help me, got their student leader shirts today. They're stoked.

When I crafted last weekend I made this magazine/fabric/string collage for Molly but couldn't show it yet because it was a birthday surprise. She turns 18 on Saturday and will continue to be keeping it real.

Look! I got a haircut! It's a throwback to the summer of 2009 and a bit of Kit the American Girl Doll-- I really like it but already kind of miss a top-of-my-head-messy-bun.

Many moons ago I was a frequent visitor of Goodwill with my youth group friends, with my YL girls my first year in Indy, and always with Goodwill-expert Ellyn Hessong. Today I went back to my roots and found some second hand treasures.

We popped in on the Whiting fam to deliver another t-shirt and hear about Coll's last cross country meet ever. Hearing these siblings feed off of each other kind of reminds me of the back and forth between Rory and Lorelai Gilmore.

Things I Learned Today: You can always find something you need at Target, Emel is getting better at crafts, ice-cream makes you more thirsty then frozen yogurt, the human ladder game never gets old, tweets from the anonymous @ALWAYSSMILE411 make people happy, and tomorrow is going to be an exciting day.

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