Thursday, September 8, 2011

Community is more

I didn't sleep much last night and practically glued my coffee cup to my hand this morning. I met Haleigh outside my classroom before first period. She was dropping off her cheer bag that doesn't fit in her locker and she ran down her itinerary of all she had to do today. Then I told her all things that I had to do. It was overwhelming for sure. 

Then I got an email from David that he sent to a group of our friends about planning intentional community. He said that someone had just given him this bit of wisdom. I was so struck by it I had to write it down and stick it on my computer right away.

I love having a full schedule. I want to spend time with people, to invest in friendships, to help where I can, to be known, to live to make other people's lives better. But sometimes between meetings and club and dinner dates and phone conversations and hanging out and campaigners I can lose sight of why I'm doing it all. I know that fundamentally this is what I believe but I want to be thinking about it consistently. I want to live in the moment.

So every time I got on my computer I read the post-it and I wrote 'Live in the moment' on my hand so I really couldn't forget. And here I am, at the end of this marathon day, and today I was really thankful of the time I got to spend with people.

I listened to my students' poems about where they're from.
I said 'Hi' to each of the 78 girls walking into my room for the first Friendship Bracelet Club of the year.
I taught the group to make the hardcore and tornado and then showed kids one on one.

I was so excited to see the 6 student leaders arrive and got attacked by hugs.
I paired up 7th graders with 8th grade and student leader friends to help teach them the knot.
I talked with Madison and Natalie about High School and friends and camp.
I talked with leaders and played floor is lava and reunited with a Ellie from camp.

I talked to Annie about her day and got so excited I was smiling the whole time on the phone.
I hung out with Molls and she helped me figure out technology and I helped her write a paper and we just really liked being together even though we were so tired.

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