Friday, September 9, 2011

A slightly British cupcake challenge with a visit from Aunt Jemima

Cassie and Madison have joined the crayon art club.

The best parts of school today? Kids talking about the success or failure of their egg drop projects in the hallway, moon poems in comp, making top 10 lists in SLT, watching Caleb dance to Friday at the end of the day.

The best thing I did right after school? Took a nap. My eye had been twitching for two days which the Science teachers decided was either because of a B-12 or sleep deficiency. I've decided I should schedule in naps more often.

The best part of my night? I got to hang out with Maddie all night and it was just so great. She's one of those people that even when you're together for hours you just never run out of things to talk about.

We wanted to make a craft but couldn't figure out a project... we decided baking was almost like crafting, you just get to eat the final project. We voted on funfetti cupcakes.

While we were waiting for the first pan to finish in the oven, speaking in British accents and writing top 10 lists...

...a bottle of honey caught my eye and I had a moment of inspiration. We could be like the sisters on DC Cupcake. Maddie and I gathered together some cupcake mixable additions and created six new flavors.

Maddie was most excited about the nutella and I was sure I'd love the cinammon sugar. Then we had to wait... so we wrote another list.

When they came out we dug into them with forks, clinking "cheers" before taking a bite. We'd discuss the result and give each cupcake a score out of 10.

Such a success. The syrup cupcake was our big winner with a 10- it tasted just like a pancake. Cinnamon sugar came in close behind with an 8.5 and strawberry jelly got third place with a solid 7.

I've been working on writing people back that sent me mail at camp and was so excited to get reply letters from Irene and Lora today. They are skilled envelope artists.

Lora wrote, "First, I want to say that your card inspired me to make a list of 30 ways to write Sarah. The front of the card you sent me has 12 different ways to write Lora. The list has some pretty wild ways to write Sarah, but that's the point right?! That list is in this envelope."

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