Monday, September 19, 2011

"It's like your clay soul."

Personal Narratives are the central focus of English Composition in Room 201 right now. Did you know that conflict is one of the most important elements of a personal narrative? Today the conflicts in my own life included having a student throw up in class for the first time ever, driving around in the pouring rain trying to get my car to no avail, and feeling like my stomach was going to implode. It was an odd day.

But even though it was a rather dreary morning there were still great moments.

1. I got to try out the new Huddles in Carmel with Darian. She's an 8th grader that I've know through Camp T and Wyld Life for a couple years and she asked me to be her confirmation mentor. I'm so excited to get to know her better and to watch her grow as God works in her life through this process. Today we talked and laughed and made Top 10 Lists about the main characters in our lives.

2. I got to Tom's house for leadership with the YL and Wyld Life leaders. I love when we're all together, this giant extended family. Mark's meal question tonight, "What video game are you best at? What book are you embarrassed you've never read and maybe sometimes you pretend that you actually have?" Tony told us he is the master of Claymates which no one else had ever heard of so he broke it out for our video game playing enjoyment.

Tony's commentary sounded something like this:

See that ball? It's like your clay soul.
It's Jeremy's yard!
Quick! Punch the bee. Ahhhhhhh. Venus fly trap!
Now I've got the tree cutting robots. Yeah robots.
Claymates... BOOM. Gottem. Now I'm a squirrel.

3. There is this incredible energy and excitement in Campaigners right now. The Miller's basement is full- dozens of kids are showing up because they want to be there. They want to sing, they want to be known by leaders, they want to connect with their friends in this deeper way, they want to know more about Christ.

A girl came back tonight that hadn't been to Young Life in awhile. She told our group, "I love that at Young Life I can just come back and fit right back in. Everyone just accepts you here. Like if we were all talking at school there would be walls up but here we're all just honest with each other."

4. When I told Darian about the main characters in my life many of them are people I don't get to see on a weekly or even monthly basis. But I'm thankful for people that put in the effort to stay connected. Tonight I got to talk to Mags and Ellie. I'm continually inspired by both of them to be honest, to look for the positive, and to build others up.

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