Saturday, November 19, 2011


500 things I love for my 500th post on Overlap

1. Getting an idea for a new blogpost
2. Pressing the publish button
3. Reading Kelle Hampton's blog and looking at pictures of Nella and Lainey
4. Quilt weekends at my house with Sar

5.  Sleeping in on Saturday mornings with no alarm
6. Playgrounds with spinny seats of doom
7. Vera Bradley tote bags
8. Starting the camp cookie co. with Arielle when we were this small and still being best friends today

9. Climbing trees
10. Paint squares
11. My North Face backpack
12. Getting excited to watch movies like Justin Bieber or Inception or Breaking Dawn just because everyone else in the world is excited too

13. Following @camptproblems and @irvingspeaks on Twitter
14. Actually making the things you've pinned on Pinterest
15. Seeing Grace Currie in her Noodle Intensity videos
16. Weekend reunions with McS, Emily, Kath, Rach and Lil

17. My camp staff sweatpants
18. A bowl of blue pennies
19. My purple 80s prom dress that I try to wear as often as possible
20. Doing the Bernie... everywhere... even in overalls and a onesie

21. The anticipation of reunions
22. When Christa emails me the list of who has signed up so far and I add more names to the list
23. "Kittens, Inspired by Kittens!"
24. Counselor clipboards
25. The way CILT girls take over Theta Kappa Lambda and get so excited about writing love tanks and just spending time together

26. Getting a text from someone you're thinking about
27. When someone writes you a prayer
28. FFT emails with Sar
29. The friendship bracelet keychain Molly Brunner made me
30. Group photos that contain so much energy and so many people you love

31. Olive Garden salad and how it reminds me of going to dinner there with my family almost every week growing up
32. Putting up the Christmas tree in November
33. Not taking down the Christmas tree till February
34. Midnight donut runs with Ruthie

35. When Ruthie and Jenna and Fezzey laugh so hard they pee their pants... well at least Ruthie pees her pants
36. Sitting in the pews of Dimnent during chapel
37. Sitting in the rows of benches of the Green Cathedral during chapel
38. Singing in the rows of chairs at Common Ground on Sunday morning
39. Having devotions on the stage of the Lake Village chapel under the stars
40. The SIB cottage at Hope

41. The window room that Casey, Krissy and I all lived in our Junior Year
42. Stopping at Big Apple Bagel on the way to Mars Hill when I'm back visiting Holland
43. Leadership at Tom's house on Mondays at 6
44. Camp Tecumseh sunglasses in every Unit's color
45. The rainbow parade of Unit t-shirts on the way to closing campfire
46. Watching Braves get up the courage to jump off the high-dive
47. Showing up to things like Molly's show choir performances or Alli Kenney's plays

48. Speaking in a British accent
49. When someone asks if you're actually British
50. Speaking in a New Jersey accent with the Session 2 girls
51. Talking in a Southern accent for country-hoe down night
52. The pearl earrings I got on my 21st birthday
53. Plastic watches
54. Fridges covered in pictures and colorful magnets

55. The chalkboard in my classroom that I call the "Refrigerator Door" and fill with pictures of my students and Friendship Bracelet Club girls
56. The piles of quilts in our living room that Mom has made
57. Counselor get-to-know-me signs that hang in every cabin
58. Sperry's- sequined ones, high-top ones, boys that wear Sperry's, corduroy ones
59. Peppermint ice-cream at Christmas
60. The rule that the loser gets a cookie when playing 5 Crowns
61. Never having a dull moment when hanging out with Ellyn Hessong

62. The "My name is Elly, E-L-L-Y-N" song
63. Making crafts with Ellyn that involves hot gluing random things onto trophies and frames
64. Ellyn's obsession with Will Smith, bracelets, and camp
65. Staying up late talking on porches with counselors after nights off
66. Staying up late talking on porches with CILT girls after devotions
67. Sweatshirt blankets
68. Mickey Mouse ice-cream bars at Disney World

69. Splash Mountain and the "laughing place" part way through the ride
70. Seeing all the characters in the parade and finding the perfect spot to watch on the curb
71. Space Mountain
72. Memories of running around the Magic Kingdom all day with My sister and my cousins Eric and Kevin
73. Old favorite movies like While You Were Sleeping, Serendipity, You've Got Mail and Runaway Bride
74. My parents Beth and Dave, easily the best parents in the world

75. Growing up with Camp Tecumseh in my backyard
76. Writing stories about camp
77. Reading about Libby's life on Don't Waste Your Cancer
78. People that get so excited to talk about Hunger Games or the Maze Runner
79. The Baby-Sitter's Club series
80. Being a part of YL team that continues to be about community, acceptance and following Christ even as we gain new leaders and say good-bye to other ones

81. Meeting in the guest room during Campaigners
82. Tyler Bender leading worship at the beginning of the night
83. Passing around the group journal
84. Saying highs and lows at the end of the day... or texting them
85. White v-neck collections
86. Staff quarter-zip sweatshirts
87. A rainbow collection of Nike shorts to wear all summer long
88. A stack of friendship bracelets that make you think of all the people that made them

89. Vintage table clothes
90. Teaching kids to do the hardcore on bracelets
91. Friendship bracelet tan lines
92. Blueberry muffins
93. Coffee during periods 1, 2 and 3
94. Diet Coke during periods 6 and 7
95. Running on the Monon trail in Indy

96. Watching little kids ride their bikes on the Monon
97. Rollerblading with Taylor and Dom
98. Running into people you know on the Monon
99. Maddy Wilson's hipster style
100. The bond between every girl who has ever lived in Teton. Hoo-rah
101. This mantra:

102. Writing with side-walk chalk
103. Just about everything at Anthropologie
104. Olivia's curly hair
105. Taking walks with good friends
106. Messy buns
107. Molly Brunner's side ponytail
108. How Mary Brody and Emily Westervelt spend all day at camp in just their swimsuit
109. Mystery trips and taking these girls to camp

110. When YL people talk about how they've experienced God while on Wilderness
111. Bandanna headbands
112. My teacher pearls
113. Camp Tecumseh tye-dye t-shirts
114. Qdoba chicken burritos
115. Going to Einstein with Mom and getting cranberry bagels and coffee
116. The card section at Von's
117. Sleeping out on the Suspension Bridge

118. Quotable Quotes and Curly Girl cards
119. Always writing in blue pen because of the SIBs
120. Giant SIB trad sweatshirts
121. Saving letters to read till right before I go to sleep
122. When you get to the point that you can recognize your friend's hand-writing
123. Having a 10 o'clock curfew in our apartment
124. Adventures with Taylor Porter liking riding bikes all the way downtown to the monument

125. Reading the blogs of camp friends
126. Post Secret
127. Picture books
128. The "Puppy" and "Swimming" chapters of Cold Tangerines
129. Tye-dying with Emily Westcott and Steph

130. The way Emily cares so much about her friends
131. Pizza dinners at Bella before Campaigners with some of the Senior girls
132. J. Crew and how the Ardery sisters call it the Crizz
133. Having a haircut like Kit
134. Waking up to "This Side" everyday at camp
135. My family

136. Having Katie live in Michigan and only being 4 hours away
137. Being friends with my sister
138. How Holland still feels like home
139. Choosing JPs over Lemonjellos
140. When the carnies come to town for Tulip Time
141. How people's faces light up when they laugh

142. Getting to spend time with people you really, really love
143. How Kaya, Olivia, and Oksana still act so goofy and aren't trying to grow up too  fast
144. Getting to be Darian's mentor for confirmation
145. When people realize who they really want to be
146. When David gets in a really goofy mood and does his running into the door routine
147. They way Jake leads and makes everyone feel heard and included
148. When old Superchic[k] songs come on shuffle
149. Campaigners with this group of girls every week

150. Having conversations about things that really matter
151. When people choose to be honest
152. Having the guts to repair an old friendship
153. Walls of brown paper bag love tanks
154. When Natalie comes to Young Life things

155. Having countdowns to see friends
156. Blog hops with camp girls
157. Cracking up whenever I'm with Les Kes
158. How Dom never smiles normally in pictures
159. Olivia and Ellie's friendship that is so strong despite the distance

160. Team CILT group posts over a year after they've left camp
161. When someone is really listening and you know they care
162. My pink Hope sweatshirt
163. 8th grade girls bible study on Friday mornings
164. Getting to know these girls as more than just my old students
165. Road signs of camp cabins

166. When people ask for the help they need
167. Infinity scarves
168. The Gold Dolphin soccer team (splash on!)
169. Walks around the Main Camp loop
170. Rest hour naps
171. Going to yonder with Dom, Allison and Taylor aka Fred, Dancing Tulip and Brown Bear

172. Speaking in British Pirate voices
173. Life stories at Young Life camp
174. The opera club and dance party
175. The Wicked soundtrack
176. Playing the iPod shuffle game on buses
177. Signs that kids have drawn that decorate the wall by my desk

178. Listening to hip-hop clinic songs and doing the routine in my head
179. The rock devotion
180. Praying by the river
181. When campers decided to trust their cabin mates and really be friends
182. My flower chair
183. Getting to live with Shan aka Supa Fly for two summers in a row
184. Yelling "PARTNER" across Main Field to Shan when she drives by on the golf cart
185. YL ski weekends in MI

186. Having two lodges full of Carmel families at Timber Wolf Lodge
187. Bananagram tournaments
188. Waiting for critical mass before Club and then everyone running in when the music blares
189. Sleeping in a bunk room of 15 people
190. Sharing "top 10 ways I saw God today" lists with Taylor Porter
191. Going to the adult guest lodge on Saturday night to watch all the parents play the Newlywed game
192. Grocery shopping with Sar and Jon and filling 6 grocery carts
193. Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that God exists
194. Finding the perfect Goodwill find

195. Perfectly worn in sweatshirts
196. The Chief Noonway headdress
197. Harry Potter glasses
198. When dance parties get to the part when everyone starts creating new dance moves
199. Arby's curly fries
200. Jamocha shakes
201. Being an aunt

202. Holding Lincoln and singing to him
203. Seeing Nick and Katie become parents
204. Their new farm house
205. Stacks of beautiful fabric just waiting to become a quilt

206. When Mom gives quilts to people she cares about
207. The TLC day during CILTs when they attempt to conquer the wall
208. The airport waiting game
209. Getting to go back to Hope to reunite with friends like Krissy and Casey

210. "Trendy outfits" that Molls picks out for me
211. When Rach's hair is real curly
212. Artwork from Casey
213. Seeing people commit to things they're passionate about
214. Spending weekends with Sarah Briggs now that she lives far away

215. The way Sarah loves her YL girls and friends so well
216. Getting a text from Fitz, "Can't talk right now. I'm on a stakeout. What's up?"
217. Patagonia  fleeces
218. Dinner dates with Alli and Molly

219. When people get used to me constantly taking pictures of them
220. Documenting life
221. "Don't be wishing you are someplace else or with someone else. Where you are right now is God's place for you. Live, obey, love and believe right here." Ephesians 7:17
222. Getting to wear jeans two days a week at school
223. Young Life Thanksgiving dinners in months other than November

224. Popcorn during movies
225. Green bean casserole
226. Challah bread (hollah at your bread)
227. White board walls

228. Playing the "what baby names do you like" game
229. Capture the Flag in Main Field with the Blazers
230. Reuniting with a friend and falling right back into place
231. Contagious laughter

232. When the saying good-bye process takes a really long time
233. Chips and salsa after school
234. Coloring on envelopes
235. Sitting on my stool in the hallway during passing period
236. Colleen's dance moves

237. Made for TV Disney and ABC family movies
238. All the Mary-Kate and Ashley movies like the classic Winning London
239. People who embrace being nerdy
240. Trying to say Hi to every kid I know
241. When the kid says Hi first
242. Having camp friends live in Indy

243. People who embrace being weird
244. Quotes from the beginning of Grey's Anatomy
245. Screaming Taylor Swift songs in the car
246. Especially Mean, Sparks Fly, and Love Story
247. Baby Lincoln. Cutest baby ever.

248. Tye-dye baby clothes
249. Teachers that figure out how to make the classroom fun and interactive
250. Craft rooms
251. When really little kids know how to play instruments well
252. Getting to hang out with Kath, Maddie and Erin

253. Singing Friday at the end of dinner every Friday night in the River
254. Mailing around the new journal to counselors
255. Letters from Grace McGill, Sarah Scott, and Margaret Connelly that allow me a really honest glimpse into their lives
256. How no matter where we are when Rachel, Coll, Chrissy and Mar are together they always end up piling up on top of each other on a couch

257. Listening to songs like We R Who We R on repeat with Sar
258. The new Glee Adele Mashup
259. Funfetti cupcakes and hanging out with Maddie Mahoney

258. Playing Just Dance 2, especially dominating at "Girlfriend"
259. Sardines in the TLC
260. Running the trails at Camp T
261. Hearing Dom and Allison's stories about becoming YL leaders

262. Vanilla lattes on Friday mornings
263. Eating school lunch
264. Eating lunch in the cafeteria with my students. I just did it for the first time Friday, but I think it'll happen again because it was so fun.
265. My Young Life team and that we go so hard at dance parties that we change the color of our clothes with our sweat

266. "Daisy's Lullaby"that tells the story of Great Gatsby
267. "Friendship is acting out God's love in tangible ways." -Shauna Niequist
268. Living with Coll and Emel and loving to get to hang out with them at the end of everyday

269. Chick Flick Sunday movie nights
270. Colleen Kelley's laugh because of the way she takes really deep breaths
271. Making up National Friendship Bracelet Club days
272. Writing messages on the white board in the hall everyday
273. Really enthusiastically cheering on friends in their sporting events like Kath in soccer

274. Doing camp cheers in public
275. Revealing a new CILT cheer
276. When Braves learn all the words to the CILT cheers
277. Melting crayon crafts

278. When crafts catch on and everyone makes their own version
279. First Friday art exhibits
280. Long road-trips with friends
281. Life stories
282. Top 10 lists

283. When people understand that its more important to just be there than to have all the right answers
284. "Beauty is fleeting and charm is deceptive but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." Proverbs 31:30
285. the Yurt

286. The way Lani is so good at celebrating her friends achievements and mourning for their losses
287. Occasionally wearing dresses
288. Gap commercials
289. Broken yolk sandwich breakfasts at Patachou

290. Commitment to what really matters
291. Nights spent just hanging out in the Houghton's kitchen with no agenda

292. The way we admire Jon & Annie and Jack & Linda's marriages
293. How much Maddy loves her cousin Nick
294. The Longhouse

295. Spontaneously starting Stomp during lunch in the River Village
296. Bright feathers in Junior High girls' hair
297. Standing up for what you believe in
298. Getting to be pen-pals even when modern technology may be more convenient

299. Defending a friend no matter what the cost
300. How refreshing it is to be around positive, joyful people
301. Taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon
302. Skype sessions with Annie and Mags that make me feel like I'm actually hanging out with them

303. Listening to Adventure's In Odyssey stories
304. Reading old journal entries
305. Getting to be a YL leader for Hannah, Heather, Steph and Emily

306. The colors blue and green together on almost anything
307. Planning CILT reunions
308. Friendship Bracelet Club sweatshirts
309. The phenomena that is potholder headbands

310. Pesto Cavattapi at Noodles
311. When really odd things become popular
312. My teacher corner... and my whole classroom

313. Yellow straw that Noodles used to have
314. My old American Girl Dolls
315. Singing TV theme songs with Katie
316. Camp kids like Shay and Reagan who are now living the dream

317. The times before first clinic and lunch when all of camp just gets to hang out
318. The ultimate challenge game
319. FBC student leaders

320. When the HS girls come running in screaming to FBC every week and are so excited to be back in Junior High
321. Getting to be like a camp counselor at school
322. Gloves made from old sweaters
323. Wolf Shirt Wednesdays HSJH style

324. 8th grade girls that sign out for SLT
325. Talk to Grace everyday before lunch when she drops her books off in my classroom
326. How Mikaela still talks about things being so precious and tells people she loves them so much all the time
327. Pepperoni pizza. Amen.

328. Going to Mellow Mushroom with camp girls and always sitting in the same booth
329. "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
330. Making crafts like this fabric lamp with Sarah Briggs

331. How many wall posts everyone gets on their birthday
332. YL worship night
333. Wyld Life food wars
334. Bouquets of friendship bracelet string

335. Finishing the last knot on a friendship bracelet
336. When people have really great reactions to receiving a new bracelet
337. Boys that are ok with learning how to craft
338. Purple corduroy pants
339. Getting to still be great friends with Sarah Fitz years after our time at camp together is over

340. Having Sarah Fitz as a tour guide
341. Finding spots where your favorite movies have been filmed
342. Hanging out on the Houghton's porch in the Spring

343. Jake Ousley songs and performances
344. My North Face vest
345. Mulching weekends with Young Life

346. YL boys like Riley and Charlie and Ben that love it so much
347. Sitting at circle tables so everyone can be part of the conversation during dinner
348. Flannel shirts and overalls
349. Wooden nametags and friendship bracelet lanyards

350. Seeing Brave boys go crazy with jelly-fish yo-yos
351. Show choir clinic performances at closing campfire
352. Porch swings
353. That Molly is always up for anything i.e. waking up absurdly early just to go cheer people on in the Indy Mini Marathon

354. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books and movies
355. "Good Day" and "There's Your Trouble"
356. Teaching country line dancing with Molly and Mary
357. Finishing each clinic by sitting in a circle and talking about life
358. All of these friends on my YL team

359. Any movie that involves a choreographed dance number
360. Getting to do things, like run a 5k, with my students

362. "Blessed Be Your Name" and "Mighty to Save"
363. Ugly Christmas sweaters
364. People watching in airports
365. Watching the mentor girls grow up

366. Memories from my trips to Tanzania and the Dominican Republic
367. Team CILT party tanks
368. The staff training dance party
369. The Women's Journey
370. Getting to hang out with all of the Indy CILT girls and seeing different sessions become friends

371. This advice:

372. My Camelback water bottle
373. Love Wins stickers
374. Jumping pictures

375. Weekends with the YL team and the McKenzies lake house
376. Blue staff polos and skirts on check-in days
377. Finding something you thought you'd lost
378. Writing with these pens:

379. Visiting grandma at Kendall at Hanover
380. Creative counseling
381. The talent show at the end of the year
382. This decision and realizing it really is possible:

383. Tire swings
384. When Taylor Porter leaves me voicemails and it has to go into two messages
385. Quilts from my mom. Especially this one:

386. Paint wars and getting to hang out with Ellyn and Keef

387.  Living in community with all of these friends
388. Teaching hip-hop clinic with Kraft
389. How David hugs peoples' heads when he hugs them
390. Jake's love for books

391. Playing Dominican Chaos
392. The earthquake pattern
393. Rows of spools of friendship bracelet string

394. Hannah Montana old school hits
395. The promise of God's grace and forgiveness
396. Walls of framed photos
397. Tall trees

398. Getting to meet Shauna Niequist
399. Sitting and talking to her and Colleen Kelley like we were all real friends
400. Having her sign the copy of Cold Tangerines I've been reading in my cabin for years

401. The Young Life service weekend downtown

402. Seeing kids get out of their comfort zone in order to learn about themselves
403. Staying in touch with Taylor and Allison and being confident that I want to be friends with them for life

404. The camp version of songs like Love Story, Blink, If I Die Young and This Side
405. Hanging out with the Hot Chocolate Club at Mother/Daughter Quilt Camp

406. The Amazing Race at the end of Quilt Camp
407. Living a life of celebration
408. When Soaps makes up a new song for every camp related event

409. Investing in people
410. When Arielle and I sing songs with our cabin and then discuss the intended message of the lyrics
411. How the CILT girls take over Whitetail during the CILT reunion and stay up late talking to old and new friends

412. Feeling like Molls is a mix of a best friend, camper, and little sister

413. My green YL v-neck t-shirt
414. The process of collaging when all the pieces are laid out all over the floor

415. Christmas gift exchanges
416. Watching fireworks from the Lake hill every summer but never actually on the 4th of July
417. Breakfast sandwiches from Starbucks
418. Starting off the year with the best day ever

419. When Sarah Briggs takes pictures in a photo-shoot of friends
420. Generally, people named Sarah

421. Playing "Avocado is the name of the game..." with Kraft, Mel and Arielle
422. Playing the "hiding somewhere at camp" game via Skype with Ellie and Maggie
423. Sharing your heart with people you really trust

424. The excitement of the first snow of the winter
425. How wonderful it is to be able to stop wearing a coat in the Spring
426. Friends that plan to visit and then actually make it happen

427. I got to be partners at camp with Eric for 3 summers in a row and learned so much about being a counselor and friend from him

428. Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice
429. How excited avid watchers get to talk about Pretty Little Liars
430. Moleskine journals
431. Funfetti cake and friends that make your birthday really special

432. Letters from kids that include a lot of drawings
433. Videos for CILT reunions that make you simultaneously laugh out loud and cry because you want to go back
434. Frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf or Huddles #addiction

435. That I stuck with YL even when it was really hard and that it has become such a blessing in my life

436. When God uses you in unexpected ways
437. Having a whole Saturday to lay around and do anything you want
438. When mom makes waffles for breakfast when I'm home
439. Jump-rope before lunch

440. Calling camp and hearing the voice of Christa, Bonnie, or Kathy whom are all so happy
441. Growing from a seedling during the "Neath these tall green trees"grace
442. The talent show at the end of the school year
443. Waving good-bye to the buses on the last day of school
444. The walk back to River after Lake time

445. Panera broccoli and cheddar soup in a bread bowl
446. The blog project in English Comp
447. This picture, howling on Wolf Shirt Wednesday, making super strange things become trendy, Arielle's ability to make me laugh

448. Watching my old campers become counselors
449. Getting so excited on Sunday to see old campers return and know that you have a whole week to play with them
450. Dance parties in Main Field

451. Hammocks
452. The "What Would Billy Clark Do?" game
453. Playin' Sports!

454. The CILT Session Newlywed game at the CILT reunion
455. Listening to a sermon that totally connects to your heart and what is going on in your life
456. When you can see how much a camper adores their counselor and the counselor never stops loving them back

457. Finding out someone's hidden talent that they're so good at but don't like to brag about
458. Getting to work with Evan, Arielle, Mel and Kraft this past summer

459. The question devotion
460. The room chapel
461. Tyler Bender's zombie music video
462. Rock stacking. But really.

463. Staying after chapel to keep singing all the way though dismissal
464. Going to St. E during CILTs for the service project and always hanging out with my friend Ruth

465. My wooden bowl and scarf from Africa
466. The teachers I eat lunch with everyday
467. That Sarah Briggs comes to visit me at camp because she knows it's so important to me

469. How excited Ellie and Olivia are to be CILTs this coming summer

470. Waiting for the release of a book and then not being able to put it down until you finish it
471. Words commonly used by certain groups that are nonsense everywhere else i.e. sevies, tebow, nubbin or jernie
472. CILT girl serenades from the Longhouse porch after lunch

473. Hip-hop clinic performances at closing campfire
474. Getting letters from students at the end of the semester
475. CILT girl photo shoots

476. Polka-dot socks
477. Bike parades
478. Finally getting to be counselor partners with Arielle

479. Mash-ups
480. When you turn on Lovesick at camp and all the girls know all of the words
481. Having Kraft live in Indy this year and getting to be Young Life leaders and real life friends together

482. How close you get to campers when you live with them for two weeks

483. Modern Family, Gilmore Girls and Say Yes to the Dress
484. When life is too busy and you're having to much fun to have time for TV
485. Watching two of my favorite people get married

486. Having devotions with counselors

487. Secret handshake and friendship sign with Mags
488. Figuring out your priorities and what you want to be about
489. That Mags and Annie continually inspire me, love me, teach me, and show up in my life even though we're so far away

490. Diet Coke, you can never have too much

491. Thinking of Session 1 2008 every time I see the time 5:34
492. Taking pictures with this expression

493. Writing down my highs of the day and trading them with Annie all summer long
494. Hearing Mags sing "Drop In the Ocean"
495. Being real friends with the other Carmel leaders

496. Playing the question game off the diving board
497. Cranium, scavenger hunts and obstacle courses
498. Orchestrating friendships between campers

499. People who took the time to read this entire list- I'm impressed
500. Getting to 500 posts with a list of 500 things I'm thankful for


  1. Hey Sarah. (: I superdy-duper miss you! Could you send me your address? I wrote you a letter but haven't been able to send it.

  2. I committed and read this entire post. Wow. Linc is still doing tummy time. I still am obsessed with that picture of him right after he was born. You have so many wonderful friends! I really like Sarah Briggs :) Whoever that Molls person is... can she make me a trendy outfit for Christmas? I have a feeling that making this list was really not that difficult for you!