Sunday, November 20, 2011

Make Your Words Count

I got to spend most of the weekend hanging out with Olivia and Claudia. It has been such a blessing to get to be with these girls all week--to hang out with Olivia, who is so full of energy and ideas and potential and heart, and with Claudia, who I have loved getting to know and I was continually surprised when I learned more about her taste music, mission trips, Conner Prairie, popcorn eating habits and all of her groups of friends. I really love this pair.

Highlights of the weekend with the Benz girls included dinner at Chili's together, blaring Taylor Swift in the car, finishing Tooth Fairy with Liv, soccer practice and a Starbucks power hour, staying in sweatpants all day long, eating only our favorite foods (i.e. Chef Boyardee and ice-cream for Liv), watching Liv get ready for a Bat Mitzvah, crafting while watching a movie marathon and baking cupcakes.

This afternoon I road-tripped up to CampT with Molly and Maddie. They had their interviews for Day Camp 2012 and I wanted to visit my parents. Really, really love hanging out with these two girls.

We just have so much fun when we're together.

I really love my mom. I love that when I pull in the driveway she runs to the door to wave us in. She hugs my friends every time she sees them. She makes everyone feel at home and gives them Diet Coke and sometimes even pizza! She shows us pictures on her iPad and teaches Molls how to use a rotary cutter and takes pictures for us. She's the best.

Before heading back to Indy we had to take a mini camp tour. Molls favorite place in all of camp is the education barn... She just really likes animals... and learning about them...

We think these would be great Senior pics.

We visited the DC site. It looks different with bare trees, leaves on the grounds, no grace boards hung up, no kids or counselors-- but Molls still almost cried she was so happy and Maddie was just super excited.

Did you know that Day Camp now has a storage shed? Now you know....

Cabin shout-outs:
Hey Chrissy Crowe! Come back and visit soon. Love, Wyandot and Molly
Hi Grace and Lesem- Pawnee just isn't the same without you. Love, Maddie

Oh hey Colleen, McSoley, and Kailey-- Pima is doing great. Still not really sure what a Pima is. Love, Sarah
What's up Emily and Mary? Chickasaw misses you loads. Love, Maddie

We really miss Friday nights at closing campfire. Good thing we still remember how to do YMCA.

Shout-out to all the lucky girls that ever called Choctaw home. You're the best.

Camp Tecumseh is full of love for so many things.

One thing we really love is Taylor Swift. A couple weeks ago Molls and I had an idea: What if Taylor Swift came to Camp Tecumseh? We thought it was a pretty brilliant idea. 

Taylor Swift was on 60 Minutes tonight (you can watch it on the website) and I was once again so impressed with how Taylor presents herself. "That's just part of my life now. I think it's my responsibility to know that I'm a role model, and to be conscious of it. It would be really easy to say, 'I'm 21 now, I can do what I want, you raise your kids. But that's not the truth of it. Every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation. So make your words count."

We started the twitter @getTSwift2CampT and the website Tecumseh Loves Taylor. We know it's a long shot but we think it's important to dream big. We've also got some very influential people that have inside connections that are helping us out.

Here's what you can do to help the movement. 

1. Send a letter explaining why you want Taylor Swift to come to Camp Tecumseh to 
       Taylor Swift
       Taylor Swift Entertainment
       242 W Main Street
       PMB 412
       Hendersonville, TN 37075
  On the back of the envelope make sure you write "Tecumseh Loves Taylor". 

2. Email a picture of you holding up a sing saying you want TSwift to come to camp, or a video of people singing a TSwift song at camp, or a video of you explaining why you want her to come to camp to

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