Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today was a fun day.

Sometimes junior high is so weird. For example: At 11:11 someone in my class shouted out, "It's 11:11!" Then without prompting all the boys in the room kissed both of their knees. One boy added, "It's french kiss day!" and licked his knees. This cannot be real life.

After school I got to help Kraft paint his part of a larger alumni banner for Purdue's Dance Marathon. So basically I got to paint with these really sweet glitter paint brush things and Kraft was there for moral support. Oh, and he finished the flashback video for the CILT reunion and I got to watch it.

A group of YL leaders from our team meet up for dinner. Without club to go to tonight, David, Avery, Carrie, Jenna, Kyle, Jake and I were all free to have a family dinner at McAllisters. These friends make me laugh and keep me thoroughly entertained for hours. I don't know why we don't do this more often.

In place of club, we took over the boys' house and had a baking and crafting night with a group of our girls. 

Step 1- Look at all the craft supplies.

Step 2- Sort buttons into color groups. Oh my gosh my organizational brain was in heaven.

 Step 3- Soak in the greatness of being with this group of girls.

Step 4- Bake cupcakes--strawberry and funfetti.

Step 5- Arrange and then glue buttons onto paper in a giant letter.

 Step 6- Practice sign language, talk about Kim Kardashian's divorce, reminisce about childhood Christmas presents, discuss names for different groups of friends, and breakout in Britney Spears songs.

 Step 7- Eat a cupcake of joy and happiness and sprinkles.

Step 8- Continue to laugh and enjoy the chance to just hang out and not worry about anything else for a little while.


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