Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Hey Olivia, Want to hear my dolphin noise?"

Top 10 Things Olivia and I Really Love
1. Being domestic with Rachie and cooking chicken alfredo from a bag and garlic bread from a box.
2. Going to school and watch all the kids laugh at nerdy jokes that I never hear anywhere else like a rap about Theodore Roosevelt and his big stick.
3. Talking to Claudia about when she was in Fox cabin with Shayne and Jess and hearing her say she wishes she still went there.

4. Painting sets in drama and jamming out to Taylor Swift.
5. One of the hyper boys in my class is on his best behavior because if I don't have to tell him to sit down or be quiet for two whole weeks I'll give him a tye-dye t-shirt. He has been an angel. Best deal ever.
6.  Hanging out with camp counselors even after camp is over.
7. Living in the guest room for a week and getting to sit here with Liv and blog while she switches between Science-studying and heart-to-hearting.

8. Having my mom tell me to stop banging too loud on my drum. It makes me feel good about myself.
9. The process of crafting- gathering supplies, creating a plan, changing the plan to do things differently, getting glue covered fingers and a cluttered counter top, and the excitement of what the finished product will look like.
10. Rolling around on the gym floor having a laugh attack for no apparent reason. And having people stare at me.

Top 10 Things Olivia and I Would Love To Do Right Now If We Could Take a Time Machine To Summer Camp 2012
1. Roll around on the Main Field by the ga-ga pits laughing. The green grass will prickle my hands and I'll feel silly.
2. Stand on my chair in the Party Room belting out TSwift's Love Story with every bit of energy I can muster.
3. Do interpretive dance to chapel songs with Oksana.
4. Sing Tecumseh on stage at closing campfire on stage and look out at the sea of faces and try to find my CILTs and old campers and friends.

5. Float on a beaz board playing the silliest game of Would You Rather trying not to fall off. 
6. Grab a group of really fun kids before first clinic and make up a game on the spot that we love so much we want to keep playing all week long.
7. Go around and meet tons of new people while my old friends try to drag me off to play games they made up.

8. Sit in the candlelight of Choctaw during a CILT girl devotion hearing them share truths from their lives and then stay up talking to just a couple of them on the porch. 
9. Watching faces flicker in the candlelight right before one of the campers blows it out and accidentally blows a moth into it.
10. Wear a wolf-shirt, overalls, potholder headband, friendship bracelets, Crocs and tall black socks all at the very same time just because.

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