Friday, November 25, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Today Was Great

1. I woke up and got to play with Lincoln and my mom for a long time.

2. We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and drank coffee all morning long.

3. I got to hold lil' Linc and take pictures with him- our love is so mutual.

4. Really exciting- we had a ton of wood delivered for their wood-burning heater that Nick now gets to chop up.

5. Linc already loves camp T. You know how I know? I've discovered that singing him a CILT graduation song or cheer gets him to settle right down and usually go to sleep.  Good thing I know a lot of them.

6. We went on a little drive today and got to visit Holland, the one and only Sluggo's pizza, and Lowe's to get a ladder where we also spotted our first ugly Christmas sweater of the season.

7. Tonight I got to do a lot of hanging out with Mom and Katie. I love when we laugh really hard and can't stop and everything seems funny.

8. We made cake pops to practice for quilt camp next weekend. Mom was shocked to find out that they taste like a big glob of cake and icing (that's exactly what they are). Nick was a big fan. I prefer cupcakes.

9. Mom and Katie worked on replicating the quilted giraffe and elephant I found in Tanzania. Can you pick out which are the old animals and which are the new ones? I cut all of the fabric for Molly's quilt that we're making next weekend.

10. I got to Skype with Annie even though she's in Mexico, get notifications about CILTs so excited for their reunions, and get texts from friends that are excited to hang out in Indy the rest of break.

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