Friday, November 11, 2011

"Taylor Swift forgot her article- who's that?" "You know- tall... blonde... sings a lot of songs."

I figured out a way to make the school day SO FUN- have Mags and Molls show up. Mags is visiting this weekend from Peoria so she and Molls arrived at HSJH in time to bring me lunch and Diet Coke. 

Nothing like macaroni and cheese in a bread bowl. The girls got to see my classroom, walk around the school, meet some of the people I work with and a few of my students, and they really enjoyed writing on the whiteboards and chalkboard.

I support their messages...

In honor of 11/11/11 we did everything in sets of 11 today. Instead of a 10 minute write we did Top 11 lists (they had 11 topic choices), 11 minute paper revision, and 11 word challenges. 

 The girls did some work for our mission to get TSwift to come to camp this summer.

They stayed for the beginning of 6th period and confused all of my kids who walked into my room and found this pair of giggling strangers. Mags and Molls wrote Top 11 lists too and shared with 7th grade partners. When they left my students were rather distraught with one boy shouting after them, "You're leaving?! Don't I even get a hug?" 

After school I met up with them again for more adventures which obviously included a Huddles trip, we made really good fruity combinations, and then a trip to Molly's sister Shane's house to play with Carter and Reagan. We watched them run obstacle courses over a playhouse and through a tunnel, played Just Dance 2, and laughed at everything they said. We really love playing with kids.

That night I got to celebrate Emily's birthday with a group of friends. I'm continually so thankful that Emily lives in Indianapolis this year and that she has become a friend that I get to see all the time. I love her spirit, goofiness, and how much she appreciates the people in her life.

I missed 11:11 am but made sure not to miss 11:11 pm so I could make a super powerful wish. I hope you did too and maybe even kissed your knees for extra good measure like my students.

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