Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CampT, Nerds and Indian Vests

Happy National Summer Camp T-Shirt everyone!

Erin celebrated CampT love cause she knows how to celebrate well. Sisters Ellen and Annie are obviously pumped about camp and about being friends.

Liv and I are so proud of our favorite place on earth.

Maddie went to extremes to rock the ga-ga pit, probs because she's always extreme. Emily and Avery, aka best friends for life, wore theirs at school.

Olivia and Molls just look so dang happy... and they really are.

Sarah Mooney is #awesomeandamazing

Maddy and Ellie both really love CampT and inspire people on a regular basis.


I'm so glad I got to hang out with Molls and Kathleen for a little while after school.

I got to pick up Olivia from school- she always tells me how nerdy it is. Check this out:

Olivia and Oksana gave me the grand tour. If being nerdy means you get to be like this pair then nerdy is exactly what I want to be.

Olivia and I got to have a British dinner date at Noodles before picking up her sister. And while we were waiting at the school I ran into Allie Gospel, a session 1 CILT from this summer!

Cowboys v. Indians Young Life Club tonight. We all came dressed to the nines--it was quite the dilemma for me to choose between my Indian vest and overalls.

Camp Counselor Richard made another appearance. He's international...

I love that Young Life Club is just SO FUN because more and more I'm talking to kids who are stretched too thin between school and homework and tutoring and sports and clubs and their second sport. They don't have time for fun anymore.

It's just too much for a lot of them. I'm glad that YL can be a break in that stress for our kids each week. Tonight we had a toilet paper show down, Indian Rain danced, spit water to dissolve alka seltzers, rode horses and line danced. In the midst of all that fun, we get to speak to them about where their value really comes from.

Today I'm thankful for great friends on my Young Life team, kids stories about their pets, parents that I really love, hugs from Olivia, a life of celebration, hanging out with Emmie and Shana at Club and talking to Katy and Rach at school today.

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