Sunday, November 13, 2011

M & M and OIF

I woke up bright and early after the mystery trip. I was still semi-exhausted but loaded up my car with drawers of clothes, kind of like I was going to camp for the week, and headed out Patachou, aka home of the cinnamon toast from heaven.

One more chance to play with Mags and Molls. So much had happened since we'd seen each other a day ago and we had lots to catch up on. I love when life is like that- stories to tell and people that really want to hear them. I really love these girls.

Then I got to go pick up Olivia! I'm baby-sitting Olivia and her older sister Claudia for the week while their parents are out of town. Olivia is Tecumseh camper extraordinaire. She is bursting with as much life as her hair is curly and I'm so excited to play with her all week.

As I type this she is going crazy practicing her snare drum in the next room- oh hey, professional percussionist. Today my ears have also learned she is an expert at the piano and garage band.

This is going to be a week of fun. Obviously.

So far we have sword-played and cycled on the Wii, ate ice-cream for an appetizer, started a camp song on Garage band, baked brownies, performed our hip-hop routines from weeks 7 and 9, learned a country-line dance, and now we're going to start a movie before highs and lows.

Stay tuned for more Operation Intense Fun.

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  1. sara- i LOVE the city museum in STL. looks like you guys had a blast. and an awesome YL idea that i may or may not steal. :)
    love ya amiga.