Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Dear God, thank you for awkward moments. Please make them seem intentional."

Oh Happy Thanksgiving break. It's easy to be thankful with a two day week of school. Tuesday night I got to have dinner with Molly Brunner and Kraft. It is so good to be with great friends--I love that part of breaks. 

It was the last Young Life club of the semester. Even before we officially started a bunch of the boys had already taken over leading songs.

Our hunter friends from the U.P. taught us, "The only good bird is a dead bird," and we learned that dropping sick flows makes turkeys drop so we improved a few raps.

It is so cool seeing all of these kids come together every week-- to see them enter into this space of fun and inclusion and grace.

We did some turkey bowling to make sure we were ready for Thursday.

After club we were not ready for the night to be over. We met Sarah Briggs at Huddles- we really, really miss her. Then we got surprised by Allison Stamer and Dom, two of our old YL girls that go to IU.

I'm so thankful for these friends that have been some of the main characters of my life since I've moved to Indy. I don't know where I would be without all of them.

It is such a blessing to be a part of this group of friends. We share a heart for Christ and High School kids and living life to the full.

And because we could sleep in the next day we decided it would be wise to keep hanging out. Tony showed us the crazy pop and their spread of Starbuck's pastries. I wish we had more nights to just sit around and hang out like this.

This morning Sar and I met up for breakfast at Patachou before she kept driving to Xenia. It's so crazy that just a year ago we were roommates and living life together everyday. Sometimes, most of the time, I really miss that. But I'm so thankful that Sarah has continued to be one of my best friends and that she is trusting God's plan even when it doesn't align with her perfect plan.

Part of the contact work that most Young Life leaders do is showing up at school for lunch on a weekly basis. Last night we realized that 7 of the leaders on our team would be able to come to school today. And since there were 7 of us we decided we should probably all wear flannel... just because.

I love that when we walk through the halls of Carmel the kids actually want to see us. That I shout-out to a camp T girl or a YL girl yells my name across the cafeteria. They pull up a chair for us and introduce us to their friends and really want us to be there. That doesn't happen everywhere. I wish I had more days off of work when I could come visit like this and see EChan, Ellie, Emily, Coop, Claire, Shana, Mackie, Carly, Morgan, Samantha, Megan, and Steph all in one afternoon.

Tonight I drove to Katie and Nick's house in MI with my parents. We're celebrating Lincoln's first Thanksgiving tomorrow. There is a Christmas tree lit in the living room, the deep fryer is waiting outside, and the table is waiting for lots of family to come and eat together.

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