Monday, November 21, 2011

I really love Mondays...

Top 10 Reasons This Monday Was Great

  1. It's a two day week. So today was basically Thursday.
  2. I finished grading all of my student's research papers and multi-genre response projects and put the grades in the computer. Talk about feeling productive.
  3. Most of my kids had no homework during SLT today so I showed them the 60 minutes interview with Taylor Swift on the projector. Obviously my girls loved it, but I'm telling you those 7th grade boys were mesmerized.
  4. After school I got to hang out with Shelby Barrett. I loved getting to live with her in Theta Kappa Lambda in 2010 and get so excited when we get to catch up. 
  5. I got to sit in Barnes and Noble for awhile working on some ideas and emails and plans for Camp T reunions. Planning these 24 hour events is one of my favorite things to do. I love getting the list of who is coming, making the schedule, getting things for the games, brainstorming activities and emailing back and forth with camp.
  6. It was Monday night dinner at Bella's with a group of my Senior girls. I love spending time with Emily, Mac, Coop, Hannah and Kayla every week and am never failed to be entertained.
  7. Sitting in a circle with Emily, Hannah, Ellie, Coop, Heather, Jessie, Samantha, Megan, Collette and Kayla. I love that we have all different grades in our group. I love that these girls are coming from so many different places in life and have such different points of view. I love that they respect and listen to each other. I love that tonight we talked about living life to full and choosing to not be a part of the ways of this world and some of them are working so hard and making sacrifices to do that.
  8. Tony changed the words to the Baby-Sitters Club theme song (yep, he knows the BSC theme song) and was singing, "Friendship Bracelet Club, say hello to your friends. Friendship Bracelet Club, check out my new threads."
  9. Talking to Krafty about Young Life and the CILT reunion that is only three weeks away.
  10. I got to talk to Annie before she left for Mexico. And when she returns after Thanksgiving it will be only a week till Quilt Camp!

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