Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful For Today

1. E-mails with my mom and knowing I get to hang out with her this weekend.

2. Students that make me laugh. Students that turn in their work on time. Students that say "Hi" with a smile. Students that surprise me when they tell me things like how they really love Pinterest.

3. Making a list of the Top 10 Things We Wish We Got Graded On with Grace during SLT. Do you ever feel like Math and Science and English just really don't matter in the grand scheme of things? That maybe instead we should be working on getting As in things like Integrity, Being Kind, Manners, Creativity, Keeping Your Room Clean, Positive Attitude and Trying Hard? We think so too.

4. Dinner with Emmie, a Carmel YL girl, tonight and being able to ask important questions and be honest and real with each other as we listen to the other person's perspective. She stronger and greater then she realizes.

5. I'm thankful for all of these kids, for Halloween costumes, for YL Club, for creativity, for being weird.

6. My fellow YL leaders Avery and MaryEllen that are really such wonderful friends and incredible women. I'm so thankful that they're a consistent part of my life.

7. This costume idea that Maeve Plunkett gave me. Wad of gum... stuck to a shoe.... get it?

8. MaryEllen's YL Club talk tonight about how we shouldn't settle for the good the world has to offer when there is something so much greater than God is offering us. It resonated with the kids and what I've been thinking about lately and trying to articulate. I wish every HS kid I know could have heard her talk tonight.

9. Talking to Annie on the way home and feeling so in sync with each other even though were four hours apart.

10. Laughing with Coll and Emel right before curfew because we haven't seen each other all day and just have so many stories and comments and ideas for new Justin Bieber lyrics and impressions of flamingos and plans to make about the factory tomorrow morning.

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