Saturday, November 5, 2011

"You're thinkin' a lot over there."

this is an introduction. by sarah briggs. sar and i are together at camp for a wonderful 29 hours. we like being friends and we like friendship and we like doing life together. we have said multiple times today that we miss living together. its really true. we probably were the best roommates that ever existed.

So true. And I love where I live this year and I loved my roommates in college but there was just something so great about living in an apartment of celebration last year. Something great about walking in the door and yelling "SAR!" and eating frozen pizza together and having a wall of signatures from visitors and pictures and artwork covering every single wall and sharing so many of the same thoughts about life and what's important and carpooling together every night and being a part of each other's everyday lives.

But then Sarah Briggs moved. still sad about it.

 we still like to exchange emails and its still fun to just know things about each other and we still laugh a lot when we're together. even though being together is a lot less than it was last year. life is weird and moving sucks but we think that doesn't mean that friendship has to end. Truth.

Sar came and visited me during CILTs this summer and got to watch closing campfire. This Fall I visited her in Chicago for the weekend and can't wait to plan when I get to go up again. One of our brilliant plans was that we would meet at my parent's house at Camp- almost mid-way between Indy and Chicago- and continue to have quilting weekends together. And we actually did. We might have arrived last night way past our bed-times and we have to depart tomorrow in time to get back for church, but today was pretty perfect. and we got to hold a baby!!!

i like to be with sar because i like the way she looks at life. i like her enthusiasm about the small things and the way that she finds joy in every single circumstance. i like that she looks at the world as a beautiful place and celebrates people really, really, really well. i like that by living with her, i learned that her love is genuine and deep. i like that she said that tonight before we go to bed we have to have just one more heart to heart because we are together and that matters. i like being around sarah when she gets excited about things and i like that she stays up late talking to people and i like that i feel special when i am around her. i like that sar knows what i like and what i don't like and that we ride in the car and sing the same songs and make up car dances and relax really well together.

Someone once told me that you have to be intentional about who you surround yourself with because you end up becoming like them. I hope I'm friends with Sarah Briggs for life. Friends like her are hard to find--the ones that tell you the truth because they care that much, that drive hours when it's not really convenient because they know its important to you, that say they're going to pray for you and then they actually do, that live a life that is about serving others and pursuing their passions. So we're going to keep being friends and continue to show up since we can't be roommates anymore (the commute would just be crazy) and stay connected as our lives keep changing and even be friends when we have families of our own and our stacks of quilts have grown to the point where we just hand them out for fun. (doesn't that sound so great?!?!)

so go be a really good friend to someone. When that's one of your priorities everything else just seems to get a bit easier to handle. and in reality, i've found, you are going to get more than you give. So true, Sarah Briggs. Letters are more important than papers, phone calls more important than TV shows, and dinner dates are way better than finding time to take another nap. tonight we are thankful for friendship, games, families, quilts, laughter, babies, homes, pajamas, chili, no showering, pizza, whispering, waking up in the same place, and knowing this is not the end. 

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