Monday, November 14, 2011

Top 10 Reasons I Loved Today

1. This morning one of my FBC girls came up to me with this scrappy friendship bracelet swag. Reminds us of a rug.

2. Our 10 Minute Write optional topic today was to write about "Something so exciting you almost couldn't stand it." I told all of my students about the mystery trip and got my excited voice when I told them about the City Museum and gave them a tour on the website. Pretty sure 1/2 of them will go home tonight and tell their parents they need to go to St. Louis as soon as possible.

3. I got to cover for an art class today. I think I stepped into heaven for a little bit. Adele playing in the background, creativity and imagination all around, 8th graders working on masks taken to the next level, and I got to glaze a pot. Pondering what it might be like to switch classrooms for awhile...

4. During SLT I got to sit and talk with Grace and make top 10 lists. We dreamed about what an FBC late night might look like, brainstormed our current top 10 bucket list items, and she told me all about cross-country Prom.

5. We finished up FBC sweatshirt orders. 128. Holy cow.

6. This verse:

7. Talking to camp girls through texting and facebook and the phone. I love that this is part of my life everyday. I'm really, really lucky.

8. Sitting in a discussion with my Young Life team about the other leaders that will be joining us in just a couple weeks. I'm amazed by the self-less attitude of these people and how they strive to live like Christ in the way they treat others and how they spend their time.

9. I love the girls in my Campaigners group. Tonight we intentionally spent time writing down our prayers after Em and Mac talked about finding their Wilderness journals. Our goal is to write everyday this week.

10. Olivia and Claudia, the sisters I'm staying with, are two of the most respectful and responsible kids I know. Today I was so thankful to get to hang out with Liv even if it was for only a little bit. I love watching this pair interact as they take care of each other and really love each other well. Even if one of them gets frustrated the other calms them right down again. It's a rare, beautiful thing to see this sister friendship.

p.s. Did you know that tomorrow is "Wear Your Summer Camp T-Shirt Day"? Let's all participate. Send me a pic and I'll put you on Overlap.

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