Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone- I hope it's been a great one. We've spent our day mashing potatoes, drawing on the table, cooking way too much food, spending all day with family, reading, holding Lincoln, singing to Lincoln (camp songs and CILT cheers lull him right to sleep), playing with Lincoln, attending a birthday party, and more cooking.

After a day of food and family and more food and family, it's time to break out our favorite Christmas movie. Katie and I can quote the entire thing and Linc is snoring on Nick's lap. Great night.

And I'm more than a bit thrilled that tonight I finally got to announce another reunion for the CILTs of 2010. Shelby, Beef, Kaitlin and I have been scheming for a couple weeks now and are so excited to see all our kids in January. Facebook is blowing up and six girls have told me they've been moved to tears of joy.

Last December's Reunion

Spring CILT Reunion

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  1. So many great photos! I love the one of Linc in the dollhouse :) Thank you for being such a great auntie and spending so much fun time with Lincoln. He loves you!! PS: Here I am. Reading your blog. Yay!