Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"My toes are actually blue, like if you look, they're actually blue."

This morning I read Kelle Hampton's blog post all about teaching her kids to be thankful by teaching them to be happy. She wrote, "I am happiest when I am most grateful--when I am aware of my surroundings and what exactly it is about this very moment that makes me feel content. Sending a thank-you card might encourage me to express gratitude to someone else, but really? Gratitude is a way of life rather than a lesson on a check-off list of attributes we hope our children will acquire. And the best way to teach it to your children is to live it." 

That's what I want to be about too. Living out my gratitude. She plays a game with her daughter Lainey called, "You know what I love about right now?" and they go back and forth naming all of the little and big and creative things they love about right now. I think it's a good game. We should probably all play it more often.

Do you know what I loved about today?

I loved going on a walk with Rachel in the unseasonably warm weather. I loved pointing out the blue houses with white trim that I love. I loved that the sun was shining so bright and that so many trees still have their leaves.

I love the way Erin O'Awesome gives hugs. I love that Maddie talks in hashtags and gets excited about stories. I love that Molls and I "talk in code" and that we just get each other. I love that Maddie figured out how many ounces of fro yo she ate. 

I love that even though Maddie's toes were blue and Molls was covered in goosebumps they didn't want to leave. I love that we saw bike parades, even if they riders didn't know we were calling it a parade.

I love that Annie invited me over for dinner because she knows I love being with their family. I love that I got to hold baby Raelyn while she drank her bottle. I think everyone should hold a baby everyday, it's good for the soul. I love that we ate sloppy joe's and Annie knew that of all people I would love them.

I love that Nick ate all of his corn and then just kept chewing on the cob. I love that Ky did magic tricks with her chicken nuggets. I love that Jon and Annie share their life with me. I love that they both say, "yes... yes... yes..." in conversation to show you that they're listening and they agree with what you're saying. I love that they acknowledge that they know about my life because of the blog but they still want to know more and ask more questions.

I love that Sar had emotional highs and lows while making friendship bread. I love that there are so many friends in this house. I love that they have Fall decorations like a fabric turkey and gourds all over.

I love that Rach cuts the hoods off of her sweatshirts. I love that she wants to be such a great teacher and I know that she will be. I love when she tells stories about her second graders.

I love hearing a friend's voice after not talking to them for a long time and how it makes you smile. I love Sarah Mooney's laugh. I love that she is finding her place at Drake and making it her home. I love that she's going to splatter paint with a toothbrush tonight. I love that she's always so open and honest and genuinely wants to hear your thoughts and input.

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