Sunday, June 30, 2013

"10? That's how many toes my sister Margaret should have... 13? My name's Ellyn and I teach clinics... 17? I'm a national champion... 22? That's how many bracelets I made today."

The CILTs were in charge of chapel this morning for all of the stay overs. They had practiced and planned last night so they were ready to go.

Most of them helped lead the songs on stage. After being in the audience of chapel for all their camper years it's so cool to get to be the ones upfront.

They performing the Wemmick skit about how God's opinion matters more than anyone else's.

Taylor never had any dots stick to her at all because everyday she went to visit Eli the woodcarver. She told Justin about where her confidence came from and he started to visit Eli too.

Jared and Sally did a great job wrapping it all up and made it easy to relate to with their experiences.

We had to wander past the CAC on our way to meet the CILTs after our staff meeting and ran into some friends. Emily Peterson, from first session, was here dropping off her little sister Ava. We got to see Erin and Irene hard at work making buttons for all the new campers.

I ran into Emma and Olivia, they both just finished 8th grade at my Junior High, who were dropping off Olivia's little sister. These two are so fun and I miss seeing them in the hallway everyday.

A whole bus full of kids rode to camp together and the CILTs got to be their official welcoming crew. After they met, the CILTs helped them carry their stuff to their cabin for the week.

All the CILTs were slowly tricking back into the Party Room from their cabins so we had a little time to hang out with Emily and Sophie, who was dropping off her brother. This pair is so wonderful and we loved getting to just hang out with them again. A little strange to be there without the rest of their session, it still felt so normal to have them there because they're part of our CILT family.

We just really love Emily and Soph, if only their moms would have left them behind for the whole week.

All the CILTs planned their devotions that they'll lead in their cabins later this week and we did some fun week 2 lice checks. Smooney definitely wins the award for being lice check MVP.

Did I mention that since Jamie Z is gone on a family vacation (we miss her so much already!), we get to have Natalie Finney join Team CILT for the week? We're pretty pumped about the new addition.

We used our lice check sticks to pull out this week's challenges from the CILT Jar.

After sitting down all afternoon we were ready to run around and play the Airport Waiting Game. Fitzie taught it to us years ago and it's still one of my absolute favorites. Smooney and I want to play it in a real airport.

Week 4 and the friendship bracelets are stacking up quite beautifully.

I love that during this game you can run around switching seats the whole time or just hang out with people in your area too.

We didn't waste any time getting to the CILT Jar challenges and pulled all the tables together for our banquet dinner.

It took a few extra seconds to walk all the way down and around the end so the people on the main side did a lot of filling.

Tonight we got to give Adam the Order of the Oar for his birthday.

This 28 year old loved it.

Since the CILTs were with their adopted cabins tonight we dressed up without them. Can you tell who we are?

I'm so excited that Annie is here this week. She's a frequent week 4 kid that I first met years ago because she would smell my Diet Coke every afternoon. I can't wait to play with her lots.
I'm beyond thrilled that Sarah is here for the next few weeks. She's camp famous to a lot of counselors and has a bit of all of our hearts. I can't wait to turtle in the pool, braid her long hair, hear her stories and make her laugh.

Illinois cabin sure is lucky to have both Katherine and Rachel. I wish I could have them both in my cabin.

Sophie and her little sister Reece have arrived! This pair is hilarious.
I love Mags and Alli-- they're both always so kind, helpful and genuine. Their kids are lucky.

Did you figure it out?

Alex is Finney
Finney is Smooney
Ellyn is Alex
Irene is Sarah Wright
Smooney is Irene
Sarah Wright is Ellyn

Aw.... best friends Ellyn Alex and Rachel.

Katie Miles and Bailey Taylor, two of my HSJH 8th grade girls are here for the week! I can't wait to see them a ton.

I'm so glad that Maeve, Olivia and Grace are all working this week so we can see them on our DC shadow day.

I really love these outfits.

The CILTs watched home movies from the past week together in the fellowship room before watching a Nooma video for devotions. We talked about how God knows what's best for us and has a plan for our lives. Even when we can't see him or hear him talk to us we still trust that God is good and he'll take care of us.

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