Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"There may be flies on corn rows, Will Smith, Sponge Bob and Rugrats, but there ain't no flies on us."

We had breakfast in bed on the back of Whitetail Tuesday morning. Nothing like a bag of donuts, a random assortment of cereal and using a spoon to spread the cream cheese on your bagel.

At the end of chapel Jeandre came up to lead us in one of his favorite songs. He is from South Africa and leads worship at his parents camp there. He was very rocker and awesome. Then he and Marrigja sang it again in Afrikaans.

As soon as chapel finished it was time to find out our units and partners! If you've been a counselor before you know the kind of energy and excitement that was bottled up inside of everyone at this point. If not, just believe me that it's a very, very big deal.

This year we revealed everything in a new way. First everyone came up front to find their name on a list that told them which bus to board.

Once we were all loaded up two village directors gave us a camp wide tour. I rode with Lesem and Tom who started in Lake Village. At each cabin they called the name of a counselor that would be living there this summer.

SO FUN right?! Right away, you found out your unit and cabin. Then you just had to wait for the other bus to drop off your partner.

I loved getting to see all of these partners run to each other and hug and jump around in front of their new cabins. Pictured below: Colleen and Brittany in Pima, Talissa and Rachel in Pawnee, Chrissy and Liz in Eel River, Annie and Alli in Illinois and Nick and Fendler in Seneca.

The CILT counselors already knew our unit, cabins and partners but we were sill really excited for everyone else. We sat on the porch for a little while and then made up our staff training CILT cheer.

(to the tune of Cruise)

We've got the AC on, and the kids lined up, get your kids lined up
We've got the AC on, and the kids lined up, get your kids lined up

Yeah, when I first saw her with that brown shirt on her, she was blobbing right into that Richard G water
I said "Oh she's 3rd, she's got that wooden name tag," I've been waiting for this so I jumped up and said

Baby we're the CILTs, it makes me want to through my back pack on and lead
Down the Lake Hill dancing non-stop through the middle of the Riv Main Field with kids
In this brown CILT t-shirt with our white shades, we'll look a heck of a lot better with our neon hats
Come on, baby we're the CILTs, it make me want to through my back pack on and lead

We ate lunch down in River Village and I loved watching all of the units come back together. People ran around finding out where everyone ended up and hugging their friends. So much fun.

Eel River and Illinois will be pretty sweet with Annie, Alli, Chrissy and our new friend Liz White. Soaps is a rockstar and we just happened to be wearing our matching YL hats today.

Bahhhhh I'm just so excited to hang out with all of these old and new friends all summer long.

Daily Sarah and Ellyn picture... and I love Mags.

I'm so excited that Chrissy came back to be the Blazer coord again this summer. She's one of the best.

OUR NEW NEON CILT HATS ARRIVED! They're green this year and so much fun. I can't wait to see all of our kids wearing them all over camp.

I've gotten my first camp letters. I love hearing from people while I'm here. I've gotten letters from Lauren (YL girl), Chloe (one of my students), Julia and Bailee (Wyld Life girls) and a care pack from my mom.

You can send me mail too! Sarah Wright- Choctaw, 12635 W Tecumseh Bend Rd, Brookston, IN 47923

Ellyn and I proudly repped the wolf shirts on Wednesday. Yup, daily S and E pic.

I love lunch times at camp during staff training. Rapid fire flies, new unit cheers and sitting with different people every day.

We spend time learning how to teach clinics in the afternoon. Aimee taught horsemanship by having a fence of people and counselors as horses and riders.

Kenzie and I finished up the session by teaching everyone a hip hop dance routine. We made up the chorus to Pompeii.

Once we mastered the steps each unit took a turn performing for the rest of camp. The CILT counselors, Tom and Joel were the grand finale.

The Coords and support staff tested out a new game that we made up for the CILTs to play this summer. We're really excited about this one...

Wednesday night the guys went on the Man Hike and the girls went on the Journey. We all met up at the Lake with Katrina and the other camp ladies who had planned our night.

The agenda of the night changes but one thing that always stays the same is blowing bubbles. Why? Because they're fun.

I love getting to just be with all of these friends for the night.

Spotted some deer across Upper Pioneer while we were listening to a testimony.

Don't you just love the Suspension Bridge? Me too.

We stopped outside of the TLC for our last talk. We'd been talking about identity all night and I loved getting to hear more about the camp women's stories.

Liz and Bailey are new this summer. They're hilarious and already great friends. I'm so excited they're both in the Riv.

We ate like royalty up in the TLC-- the best camp food you've ever seen, unlimited pop and cheesecake.

The last thing on our schedule for the night was Songfest and we rushed over to the LV chapel to meet all the guys.

The boys didn't show up for an hour so we had and impromptu photo shoot and then an acapella dance party.  These people are going to make this summer so much fun.

There are so many new and younger counselors this years which is awesome but I'm stoked to be back again with Smooney, Liz, Maddie, Lesem, Margaret, Finney, Jamie and Chrissy and Kellie.

If a group can be this awesome at a spontaneous dance party with no backup music you know they're going to be a fantastic team.

Once the boys got there we started the official songfest. It was awesome-- I love singing these songs together and feeling so close to God here.

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