Monday, June 24, 2013

"Girls, wake up, it's Christmas! Happy Birthday! It's Easter... and Columbus Day... and Thanksgiving!"

We watched the ILAC skit in chapel Monday morning. ILAC stands for I'm Loveable And Capable. Good words for us to remember today. Coll, Moll and Annie were all on stage and when we walked in Taylor Fischl looked at me and excitedly said, "Those are all blog girls!" She's got a good memory.

It's the Fisk twins and Bri Lynch's birthday today. Because Kellie is gone this week with mono, Natalie is filling in for her in Chickasaw. That means we were lucky enough to get to give her the order of the oar during lunch.

As if the Party Room weren't already a big enough party, four more cabins have been added to lessen the population of the other rooms. It's craziness in here now.

I went to pool time this afternoon to help CILTs find their cabins. I ended up getting to play with my girl Lilly Fair the whole time which is really fun. My counselor friends and I have loved this girl since her first summer and I always look forward to hanging out with her. She has the biggest heart and gives the best hugs.

After pop stop I stumbled upon this super creative game of dodgeball going on in Main Field. They were throwing sponges and water bombs instead of regular dodgeballs. If you got out you could get sprayed with a hose to get back in the game instead of waiting in line. Everyone was loving the game and staying cool in the heat.

Jamie, Smooney and I ventured across Main Field to the mini farm next. A few cabins were starting to play chicken round up when we got there. You just open the door to the chicken coop and let them all out. Then you pick them up and put them inside again.

I don't know if I'd ever picked up a chicken before so it was a very exciting afternoon. These are my friends Rebekah and Ahmaria, they're loving the camp life together.

Smooney was picking one up for the first time too--she was a little less excited about it but faced her fears and did it.  This is my new friend Rachel, I love her already and am so excited to get to know her more.

The CILT counselors made a video for our Session 1 kids about how much we miss them already. We went back to the River because it holds a special memory for this crew and sang them a little ditty about how they're so cool.

Smooney posted this video in the Session 1 Facebook group tonight and all the kids LOVED it. We just miss them a bunch. 

One of our CILT jar challenges for this week is to wake up the CILTs with food. Smooney and I brought back enough donuts for everyone and woke up Jamie to make a plan.

We documented the whole thing with videos. We started in the bathroom explaining that we were about to wake up the girls at 12:27 am. I fully expected them to be excited once they realized they were getting food.

We played music softly in the cabin and whispered, "Girls! Wake up! We have a surprise for you in the bathroom!" They were SO confused. They didn't want to get up. Many of them thought they were dreaming and that we weren't real. Eventually they made it into the bathroom with sleepy expressions on their faces.

We told them they could go back to bed and they practically ran back to their bunks. Only Rachel, Emily, Rebekah, Mackenzie and Taylor stayed up with us to eat a donut. They love fun things, even in the middle of the night.

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