Saturday, June 8, 2013

"He was a type A."

Friday night after we finished training Mags, Annie, Smooney and I all piled into my car to drive to Indy. With a milkshake stop on the way we made it back to my apartment in time to throw in some laundry before Emel and Colleen got back home. They're hilarious and I've missed seeing them all the time. 

We woke up Saturday morning and drove up to Fishers to surprise my 8th grade girls at their bible study. I loved getting to see KCraig, Anne and Molly as soon as I arrived. Rachel showed up a little bit later and screamed when she saw me. More girls had spent the night together but overslept. We called Kaitlyn to wake them up and then Genna, Alana, Brooke, Kaitlyn, Kenzie and Bailee all showed up. We laughed and talked about camp and the St. Simon fest and life the whole time. I can't wait to go to Michindoh with almost all of them in just four days. It's going to be one of the very best weeks ever.

The main reason we had to come to Indy this weekend was to finish moving all of my stuff out of my apartment. There wasn't very much left but we loaded up my mattress on top of my car to drive it six blocks to Emily and Eric's new house. We got a new house tour and sat and talked with Emily for a long time. Sometimes (most of the time) I really wish she was still a counselor with me.

We ate dinner with more of our camp friends at Mellow Mushroom, our official camp pizza spot.

Of course we had to get ice-cream too and ended up just laughing and talking for a really long time with Coll, Lesem, Chrissy, Anna, Alli, Smooney, Mags, Annie, Molly and Mary Brody.

We came back home to finish blogs and homework and somehow Coll and Mags even had a dog drinking competition. Perfect end to the weekend. Time to rest up for our big day tomorrow. Here we go CILTs of 2013.

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