Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Oh My Gosh! We're going to be on the blog!"

A brand new week. A new session. A fresh start. Clean staff polos. Unfamiliar cabin lists. So much possibility. Sundays are exciting.

As our new CILT girls filled out their "It's A Girl" forms for their adopted cabins three of them wrote down that they read and love my blog. I hadn't met them before so I was excited to talk to them about how they found it. When I pulled out my camera they all squealed because they would get to be on Overlap. Here you go Rachel, Taylor and Taylor-- your very first appearance on the blog.

Devon from Georgia is here this week! I love this Georgia peach and still vividly remember the first year I met her and watching the 4th of July fireworks together. I'm excited to keep crossing paths with her.

Team CILT was busy plotting something fun during swim checks so we had a new CILT take our "before" picture.

One of the strengths of this session already: taking super fun pictures. They're grasping onto the "look fun" command really well.

When our kids finished their swim checks it was time for our "spontaneous" jump into the pool in our clothes. Liz just happened to be standing there with a camera ready to capture our leap.

And the token "after" picture. I love this team. I love that we're up for anything. I love that we're living big. I love that we do things together. I love that the pool felt so refreshing on this humid day.

Maeve, Rachel Lombard and Michelle Mooney have all arrived to work Day Camp this week! I love these girls so much and am so thankful that they're back at Tecumseh again. If I was a Day Camper I would be lucky to be in any of their trail groups.

At dinner we pulled the dream team together to choose the adventures for this next week from the CILT jar.

p.s. do you like our lanterns? And Smooney's face?

Soaps had the great idea for a Village wide theme for opening campfire-- Main Field. All 30 cabins dressed up as blades of grass. (My outfit is ironically close to what I wore on Friday night for Sports Mania.) I love seeing my girl Mags and am so excited that Marina is here this week!

Jamie Z is going to be gone week 4 for a family reunion and Natalie Finney will be filling in for her. Just when I thought Team CILT couldn't get any better we added one more person of awesomeness. I'm so excited to work with Finney Baby.

The beginning of a new CILT session is always interesting. There are so many people to get to know at once. Right now they're still pretty much strangers but soon we'll look back at these pictures and see our new best friends.

Ah! Julia Plant is here this week too! And Adare and Emily!

I'm really digging this whole gather-at-flagpole-before-campfire thing this summer. Basically we get to take a ton of pictures, run around and dance when someone like Oh La La Olivia busts out the speakers.

Our CILT army of Main Field grass took up this cheering section at opening campfire.

Did I tell you Taylor Fischl is excited to be on Overlap? It's true. I'm excited to get to know her better these two weeks.

I got to see Head and Shoulders Baby 1-2-3 with Brittany, Finney and Maggie. Quite the success if I do say so myself.

After the sun went down and we headed back to our cabins we finished off the night with our usual Sunday night devotions and CILT initiation. It's going to be a great week.

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