Thursday, June 6, 2013

"I can't wait to DLP the mess out of these kids."

We watched the "these hands" chapel on Thursday. It's one of my favorites but because it's usually done in Lake Village I've only seen it a couple times. I love the creative ways people come up with to teach us more about Christ.

After putting together some bunk beds and using power tools, the CILT girls headed to Wal-Mart in Monticello. We had to pick up some supplies for CILT activities this summer. This is a clue. That's all I'm going to say about that.

I spent the afternoon running the girls check-in at the Lake for 4-H camp and Touchstone Energy camp. It was a tiny bit like summer camp but it's going to be awesome when all of our kids arrive in a couple days. We finished just in time to run up to the LV chapel for the staff picture.

You don't feel really official until you've got your blue staff polo on. This year they've screen printed "Project 441" onto all of our sleeves-- it's the name of the campaign to raise campership money for one kid in every cabin for every week of the summer.

I'm so excited to have these girls on resident staff this summer. After having them in the Longhouse, watching them thrive in Day Camp and staying in touch all year they've become some of my best friends. They'll each be such fantastic counselors, kids will be lucky to have them.

Summer 2013 is going to be epic. So fetch. Above mediocre.

Coll and Britt will be partners in Pima, they're going to be sweet. Can't wait to play and drink Diet Coke with Molls all summer.

All of these people are just so fun-- Alli, Annie, Kenzie, Mags and Bryn just make life better.

After dinner with the Board of Directors everyone got all their stuff together for our unit sleep outs. But before we could be wilderness explorers we all had to walk down to River Village.

Team Riv met in the Party Room. We talked about #nofilter, being our real selves. Adam and Lesem started us off by sharing what filters they put up and who they are without them. More people shared and we were all so struck by and thankful for their openness. I'm excited to see how this group continues to grow closer as the summer goes on.

The CILT girls set up hammocks in the LV Forest between flagpole and the girl cabins. Keith helped us out with paracord for our last hammock and we got all settled in for the night.

We took turns asking questions and each answering them. I love intentional conversations like this and getting to know these friends even better. It's so helpful to know where they're at and get on the same page before we start this whole adventure together.

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