Saturday, June 29, 2013

"I haven't left my room, all I've done is sit and face time CILTs."

I'm sad that Reecie is leaving today. I love that Maddie and Lesem are such good friends and roommates this summer. I'm glad that these CILTs aren't going home yet. Ale May is one of my old HSJH students and it's been so fun to see her at camp this week.

Enoch is an old chapel story that got a massive creative twist today. Instead of just hearing the story, we saw it acted it out by a crew of turkeys, an eagle and an owl. It was phenomenal.

You may think you've heard Enoch before but you've definitely never seen it quite like this.

I had two of the very best surprises today.

First Emma Servies from Session 2 last summer showed up at the Longhouse. She was at camp to pick up her brother and stopped by to say hi. I miss this girl so much. She made such an impression on me and is one of those girls that has such a big part of my heart. It was so good to see her.

Smooney, Alli Kenney and I were eating lunch at Chipotle when all of a sudden Sophie from last week and Kathryn came through the door. I've missed this girl so much already and I was beyond excited to see her. The five of us got to hang out and talk for awhile and it was the perfect surprise on this Saturday.

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