Friday, June 14, 2013

Michindoh Day 2

We woke up early today for one of our cabin rides. Everything is a surprise at Wyld Life Camp so the girls didn't know what we were up to. We ended up at the climbing wall inside the gym.

All of our girls flew up the wall in no time.

Even early in the morning this crew is pretty awesome. Allison and I are so pumped about this week.

Instead of going back to bed for 45 minutes we decided to go on a walk around the lake.

We passed by a little farm that had some goats, found the high ropes courses, walked by the guys' cabins and made it back to the dining hall in time for breakfast.

Allison and I went inside early to get coffee and claim our table. Today we walked through the area where Work Crew and Summer Staff meet. They had a ton of quotes and verses taped on the walls-- I really love this one. Sometimes, most of the time, we need to be reminded of this.

At breakfast today we met Baby and Baby for the first time. These rather large babies waddle out, climb up into their high chairs and then have Baby and Baby Play Time.

Today they shot cereal out of their nose and then kids had to catch it in a bucket. Trey, from HSE, got to go up front and try to catch all of it.

After breakfast everyone ran back to their cabin to put on a cabin uniform. We dressed up as nerds with our camp tanks tucked in, tall white socks, nerd glasses and braided pigtails. Our cabin was extra nerdy in walk and speech screaming, "3.14159 E = MC2" in unison.

Every cabin matched in a creative way. They boys covered themselves in orange paint and wore orange masks.

Our cabin tried to do push ups to warm up but our nerdy muscles just couldn't handle it.

KCraig and Molly's cabin came wearing pink and crowns and necklaces.

Trulock's girls came with orange masks and bubbles.

Hannah's cabin came in tie dye and matching neon headbands.

We were given a long list of challenges to accomplish and then ran all over the field doing the crazy activities.

I love these girls. They're hilarious and so much fun and up for anything and so good at working together.

Our cabin was pro at the four person push-up, the best they'd seen all day.

We got to push Hannah during human bowling.

Maddy got lifted up to throw the weight over the limbo bar. I love that Alli Sams is here at camp this summer, such a cute nerd she is.

We may have two cabins of 8th grade girls but we're really one giant unit of friends.

I'm so thankful that Chloe and Megan are both here this summer. I've been getting to know them in Wyld Life all year and know that God has big plans for them here.

Hannah didn't know her girls before yesterday but I'm so glad that they're together. These girls are so fun and I loved having them in the 7th grade hall this year.

Wyld Life camp is just so fun all the time. We're loving life here.

We had a fiesta picnic outside today in the pavilion. Most of the 8th grade girls all squeezed together at this long table.

Kaitlyn and Anne are two of the girls that came with us last summer and I can't imagine doing all of this without them now. They love YL and it's become a huge part of their lives.

Our cabin got to go do the high ropes course this afternoon. We all got our helmets and harnesses on and then learned how we would go across the course.

One at a time we climbed up the pole to get started. The course is a bunch of connected challenges so eventually several of us were up there in the trees.

p.s. Did I mention how much I love getting to lead with Allison Stamer? She was my YL girl when I first moved to Indy and has been one of my best friends ever since.

The girls did an awesome job of cheering on another on. Some of the parts were a little wobbly but we all made it through. Hannah was a monkey up there and was making herself swing even more than necessary.

Maybe because I grew up at a camp and was a Skywalkers counselor for a couple summers I LOVE things like this. It was cool for me to get to try new elements that I hadn't seen before.

We had free time the rest of the afternoon so we played all over camp. We went and tried out the blob in the lake, went down the slide and some girls went back to the ice berg.

Before dinner all of our kids were waiting outside the doors to get in, many of them in their new YL apparel. Our girls were pretty much known for always wearing snapback hats.

After dinner we went to Club, one of the very best parts of the day. The Peeps cheerleaders brought up kids to feed a sandwich to their leader using only their feet. Ryan was a champ at eating his and got first place.

Today speaker Mike shared about Zaccheus climbing the tree to see Jesus and then going and actually meeting with him. Zaccheus was someone that others didn't want to associate with but Jesus cared about him and his story.

After Cabin Time everyone met outside at the flagpole.

We were going on an adventure but no one knew our destination.

We walked all the way across camp, over the bridge, through the woods, had a gorilla run out at us, were shot by water guns and then ended up at a giant dance party. The room was packed, the lights were spinning and it was so much fun.

They opened up the water slides after the dance party and kids ran back to get their suits on. We didn't think we were going to go but then Allison, a couple girls and I decided to yolo it and just go in our clothes.

Rule #4 Take Opportunities

It was totally worth it, we had so much fun tonight. I'm so thankful for the kids that are here, for adventures and spontaneity, for getting to know one another better, growing in our faith and for the time we still have left.

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