Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"You've just got to put some swag in it, like old school boy band style."

The CILT girls declared Tuesday as overall day so of course I jumped on that bandwagon. I'm always up for a theme day, especially if it includes overalls and even more if it was a kid's idea.

We shadowed clinics this morning to observe teaching techniques in action. I love getting to hop around from the CAC to hip hop to show choir and lacrosse. So many awesome things are going on all over this camp all the time.

We finished changing the lyrics to our CILT cheer and I have to say I'm a big fan of what we've done.

Part 1- CILT Life (aka Space Jam)
All the CILTs standing up it's time to lead now
41 kids, session 2 welcome to the CILT life
Here's your chance, do your dance, it's the CILT life, alright

C-A-M-P T, that's where we want to be
Come and follow me, we'll be here for two weeks

Hey kids what you wanna play
Hey kids what you wanna sing
Hey kids what you wanna do
Hey kids where you wanna go

Party people in the camp, let's go
It's yo friends the CILTs aight

Wave your hands in the air if you feel fine
Always on time with this watch of mine

Welcome to the CILT life
Here's your chance, do your dance, it's the CILT life

(Knew You Were Trouble)

I knew you were awesome when you checked in
So let's be friends for life
Green hats, brown shirts make us look tight
So I put my backpack on
Blazers, Warriors, Braves runnin round
Don't make me go back home
Can't wait for our wooden name tags
Now we're living in the cold AC

CILTs! CILTs! Choctaw, Hopi
CILTs! CILTs! Brova, Abnaki


Ellen Fazzio is a rock star and I'm so glad she's at camp this week. I love getting to see her and Annie together. Ellen is so smart and witty and she's one of the best to go sit and talk with.

I went to the Brave and Pathfinder pool time this afternoon to see the units I missed yesterday.

We had everyone singing Dynamite before swim time began and this Brave boy totally rocked the dance floor with his solo moves. He had the whole crowd watching.

I got to see my friend Julia again. She gave me the most beautiful earthquake friendship bracelet.

I swam around most of the time with Haley and Finney Baby. We just bobbed on pool noodles and beach balls in the shallow end talking. Times like this make me wish we were still just one village so we could all see each other every day.

Alex, Smooney and I ate dinner with a handful of CILTs and got two girls to try gravy for the first time ever. At Trading Post they all got their CILT hats and put them on right away. Our first order of business was to plan out mini-clinics for tomorrow. It's always entertaining to see ideas they come up with like How To Be A Princess, Paracoord Keychains, Sandcastle Building and Disc Golf.

We moved into the Party Room to play family and Alex got busy drawing some camp cartoons...

These CILTs were on it with guessing each other's identities. This one family kept growing the entire game taking everybody else out one by one.

And another Alex creation...

Alex dominated this family until the last few people when Rachel took it over and won the whole game.

Tomorrow for our CILT Jar Challenge we're going to celebrate a fake birthday. We made birthday signs for Madison Moritz, who will be turning 19, and taped them all to the walls by the staff table and microphone. We hung a birthday sign and streamers. She's not going to know what happened when she walks in tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see how she reacts.

Team CILT made up some sick dance moves for our cheer and practiced it so we're ready to perform tomorrow.

We did the question devotion tonight, one of my favorites. While he was here on earth, Jesus asked people questions all the time instead of telling them what to do. He wants us to figure things out. He wants us to have ownership of our faith. He gave us free will so it can be our decision. We shared a bunch of the questions Jesus asked with the CILTs and then we all wrote down questions that we would ask God if we met him face to face.

Listening to the questions these kids came up with makes me want to have a hundred different conversations with them. The questions they ask are so telling about what they believe and where they're coming from. I hope that camp and the community we're building in CILTs in one where questions are encouraged, where we really listen to one another in conversations and we're willing to take a step of faith to grow in our uncertainty.

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