Saturday, June 15, 2013

Michindoh day 3

This morning after breakfast everyone headed down to the beach front together. Leaders came in our messy clothes because we knew what we were in for.

The kids ran around completing games and challenges to earn tokens. Then they could redeem those tokens to give their leader a shaving cream hair-do or bury them in the sand.

All of the girls got in on the action, covering us with massive amounts of shaving cream and making our hair stick up like crazy.

Shaving cream looks good on us. Doesn't KCraig look so pretty?

Hannah and Allison got right in the midst of the craziness with their girls too.

Then we started getting buried in the sand. KCraig was up first.

Riley's guys got him good.

It was fun to have all the kids running around and helping each other bury the leaders.

I think the sand and shaving cream look pretty good on us.

Love these girls even after they do stuff like this to us.

This afternoon I got to go on some one on one walks with girls. Brooke and I passed by Hannah and her girls as they were about to go on the banana boat ride.

Tonight we dressed up for 80s night and the girls all put on their tie-dye, neon and brightest clothes.

Our Young Life team looked pretty stellar if I do say so myself. Between Molly's outfit and Ryan and KCraig's hair we were practically transported back in time.

We had CANDY CAKE for dessert. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

We gathered the whole crew to take a picture before heading back outside. It's pretty awesome to look at everyone all gathered together. I love this community of kids and leaders. Only about ten of them came with us last year and it's sweet to see how much we've grown. It's awesome to get to be part of something like this.

Before Club tonight we had time to just play outside the doors where we wait.

I love summer and camp and these young life girls and having time to just hang out together.

I love that Genna is so funny all the time and that I get to see her here for five days in a row.

I love that I get to share this trip with Anne, Bailee, Kaitlyn and Genna who have grown so much in their faith this past year and really taken ownership of it.

I love this whole army of girls that are so much fun and ready for anything and always full of energy.

I taught them an old game called Ultimate Challenge that my sister learned at an orphanage in Mexico while on a mission trip. It never fails to be hilarious.

Club was SO fun tonight. Everyone was hyper and pumped to be there.

I loved getting to stand with Brookie and Erin and sing so loud with them tonight.

I love when kids like Alli Sams and Julia are twinning. Tonight Kaitlyn got to play a part in Speaker Mike's talk about trust and risk which was cool. We went back to our cabins for cabin time and talked more about what he had said and our own lives.

Tonight we had a camp wide talent show. Every single cabin got up front for a minute to share a talent. All four cabins of HSE girls did an act together. We filled the stage and the steps up the aisles to do a clap routine. We had practiced earlier in the day and they did so well.

It was cool to have both grades of girls do this together and go crazy at the end. They're rockstars.

The 7th grade boys were the world class champion starers. Who knew that watching people stare could be so entertaining?

Then the 8th grade boys did a skit about what really happens in both girl and guy cabins at night. Their portrayal was awesome and had everyone laughing.

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