Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome to Summer 2013

I pulled into the Lake Village parking lot on Friday and saw Alli Kenney and Tina Fiflis right away. They greeted me with shouts and hugs, the best way to great people. I found out I was in Iroquois with them (GREAT news) and they helped me carry in my things. The next hour was a blur of seeing old friends and introducing myself to new people.
We ate dinner with our cabins, met all of the full time staff and their families and then went to get ready for opening campfire. Iroquois dressed up as a group of tourists...

This summer we're trying something new that I'm excited about. All of the cabins will meet at the river village flagpole to show off their themes and take pictures before heading to the campfire ring.

I love getting to be here with Mags and playing lots. I love seeing Joel and these other friends running the show this year.

I love that Soaps just jumps up and starts leading the Burrito song without a moment of hesitation.

I love that I'm going to get to play with Ellyn allllllll summer long. I love having Tina, Alli and other former DC staff on Res this year.

I love reuniting with Jamie, Chrissy and Smooney, these girls that are some of my very best friends here at camp.
We had our first campfire inside the CAC featuring the Bee Brothers, One Camp, Hole In The Ground, Hey- My Name Is Joe and other camp favorites. We finished the campfire with Welcome To The Family but it was not the end of our night. From there we played games up in Kampen with Neil, talked about Camp Culture with Scott and then had the I'm 3rd devotion back in our cabins.

Saturday morning we had our first chapel of the summer. This is always one of my favorite parts of the day and it's one of my favorite places in all of camp. We watched Joel whip up some counselor soup and sang songs that have been part of this place for years.

The rest of the day was great too I just didn't take any more pictures... I'll work on that.

Other favorite moments on Saturday: finding Camp T history with Alex and Jamie, planning a new devotion, watching Kid President together, ant tag in Kampen, a heart to heart with Katrina an all staff mud hike, visiting mom at Quilt Camp with Mags and meeting new really fun people.

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