Monday, June 17, 2013

Michindoh day 5

Our last day at Wyld Life camp came way too soon. I don't want to have to say good-bye to all of these girls yet. After breakfast we went back to the Club room for real life and another club talk from Speaker Mike.

Usually we think about faith as an "either you believe or you don't" kind of thing. But Mike showed us this illustration that I think is a lot more accurate. He asked the kids to think about where they were on this line at the beginning of the week and where they've moved to. It moves across the line Against, Not Interested, Open, BELIEVE, Inactive, Growing and Serving. Faith is a progression. While these are great labels the spectrum also never ends in either direction. You can always keep moving closer to being more Christ-like.

We went from there to our all area meeting. All of HSE sat in the gym in one giant circle. It was awesome to see all the kids and leaders gathered together. They got the chance to share how they've grown this week, things they've learned and what they want to carry back home with them. It's so encouraging to hear these kids share. I wish I could have video taped them so I could show the rest of our YL family back in Fishers.

We had to go back to our cabins to pack up and clean the cabin. Because we weren't at a regular Young Life camp the process wasn't as extensive as it usually is. The girls were good at helping and we were moved out of our cabin in no time.

Abby, a Camp Tecumseh kid, has been here this week with North Central Wyld Life and I'ved loved getting to see her all over Michindoh. I can't wait for her to be at Tecumseh next month. Our girls took one last picture in front of our cabin-- we're going to miss this place.

We have had quite the week of adventures, conversations, surprises, incredible food, great friends and experiences with God. Wyld Life is pretty much amazing.

We all loaded our bags and suitcases onto the bus... Anna and I hopped on too.

We had one more Club before we left camp for good. Trulock pulled out a box of leis for us which was fun. She got to be up front in game too, launching things into the audience.

I loved this week with these girls and feel so lucky to get to be a part of it. I really can't imagine my life without these kids. I'm so excited to get to keep living life alongside them back at home this year. I'll go to their volleyball matches and soccer games, we'll go to dinner or get coffee on a Saturday morning, they'll come to Campaigners and our lives will keep overlapping.

We loaded back on our buses and started the long drive back home. It was an awesome week and we had so many stories to tell. The kids immediately started posting pictures to Instagram. Ryan went around the bus taping kids talking about their favorite part of camp. We made a pit stop for dinner and many of the kids fell asleep before we got back to the school.

It was fun to see all the parents when we got back. They were even more excited to see their kids and hear all about camp. I said good-bye to my girls and then jumped into my car to drive back to Tecumseh.

Session 1 CILTs were starting their second week and I was so excited to see them. I burst through the door of the Longhouse and yelled, "I'M BACK!!!!" Girls raced from all three cabins to tackle me in hugs and it was without a doubt one of the best homecomings I've ever had. I felt so loved and ready to be back living the CILTing dream.

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