Monday, June 3, 2013

"Rule 1- you can only use one eye, Rule 2- you have to make this weird noise, Rule 3- you can't smile."

We watched "Elizabeth's Life" in chapel this morning and watched how one conversation totally changed the outcome of her life. I guess we never really know the impact we're having on the people around us. 

While we were running around Lake Village all of my co-workers were back at HSJH for our final teacher day. I got my work done early and used a sick day to be here instead. It's still crazy though that school is really done. This is not just a weekend thing-- I get to be here till August 10th!

We spent our morning with Michael Brandwein, an MVP/celebrity/royalty of the camping world. He taught us all about how to effectively change kids' lives this summer. We're going to use their names, help them to learn how to solve problems, encourage them by describing, labeling and praising their behavior and playing some sweet games that will teach them some life long learnables too. I've been part of many of Michael's sessions and I always learn something valuable. I can use these tools at camp as well as all year long in my classroom.

Just at the end of lunch, ANNIE FAZZIO SHOWED UP! She's been home resting up from mono but was finally well enough to join us at staff training. All of her friends are beyond excited to have her here with us. Annie's just the best.

Chilly weather means sweatshirts and today three of those sweatshirts just happened to be the three most recent FBC sweatshirts. I love seeing them pop up all over the place.
Spencer Dees and Taylor Byrd are the two Warrior Coords this summer--they're going to be awesome. I'll miss seeing them when we split up into villages.

On one of our breaks today we played games out in the sun--real ones and ones we made up on the spot.

I just love these people. This part of staff training is so special before we're split up into villages and units. Right now we're altogether which is pretty cool.

Daily Ellyn and Sarah picture:

It's kinda crazy awesome to be on res staff with Ellyn, Mags, Molly and Annie this year. These girls have been such a huge part of my life for so many years but we've never gotten to do this together.

I love taking weird pictures with Molly. We don't know what these things are...

Right before dinner I found these goons in the fellowship room. Our hilarious conversation prompted...

...this collection of people at our dinner table. It was easily one of the most hilarious meals of my entire life. I think I cried from laughing so hard during most of it, had a quick sugar rush when Nick passed out Extreme Airheads and continued in our conversation from the fellowship room.

After our last two sessions of the night all the counselors gathered back in the River Village dining room for an ice-cream and wooden name tag making party.

Dancing ensued. I got a friendship bracelet from Anners. I played with friends. A name tag was created. More dancing happened. It was grand.

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