Thursday, June 13, 2013

Michindoh here we come

I left Tecumseh before my campers woke up to drive back to Fishers. There I met up with the whole HSE crew to embark on our Wyld Life trip. I'm beyond excited that Riley and Hannah are coming with us again as leaders. They showed up with our camp trip party tanks which we're all obsessed with.

It was so fun to see all of the kids show up in the parking lot. It's only been a week and a half since I saw them left but it was still so exciting.

I'm beyond psyched to have a cabin with these girls for the next five days-- Chloe, Alli Sams, Julia, Erin, Maddy, Kaelyn, Megan and Hannah. (plus Alana, Molly and Brooke)

Last summer we took our first HSE trip ever to Timberwolf Lodge with 34 kids. This year we're taking over 70 kids to Michindoh. It's kind of insane how we've grown so fast.

YL bus rides are the best. Making friendship bracelets, playing Heads Up (It's an Ellen app game, you should get it), ipod shuffle and talking about how great camp will be.

We arrived soon after lunch and got checked in. I'm so stoked to be with this team. Lori and Hannah each have a cabin of 7th grade girls, KCraig and Molly have one half of the 8th grade girls and Allison and I are with the other half, Ryan has the 7th grade guys and Riley is with the 8th graders. Dream team.

When the kids get off the bus they are immediately welcomed by the work crew and then meet some of the characters for the first time.

Amateur Pro Land Diving Team. It's like diving... without the water.

The 8th grade girls are in cabins right next to each other. If only they built cabins big enough for the thirty of us. But I know we'll still be together a ton.

We got ready to go swim right away--there was SO much to go and do and explore.

Hannah loves camp already. I can't tell you how excited I am that she's here.

Our cabin got to go ride the banana boat right away. Six of us at a time went flying across the lake and thrown off into the water.

I love summer days that are this beautiful. Even when we were just waiting it was so fun because we were all together.

Then we hiked back around the lake to find the iceberg floating in the water. We all tried to get up the sides and found it was a lot harder then we expected. You start by swimming in the water and then have to pull yourself up without using your legs. It's difficult.

Maddie got up there like a champ right away and a few other girls followed her. I finally got up and slid down right before our time was up.

Hannah just met her group of 7th grade girls today but I know they'll have so much fun. I just met Anna and Whitney and love them already.

Hannah and Allison were both my YL girls when they were seniors at Carmel HS. Now they're YL leaders at Purdue and IU. I was beyond thrilled when I found out that they could both come play with us this week. They're the best.

We got to have giant cookie ice-cream for our first dessert. I expected it to be gooey like I'd had at camp before but they were pretty solid.

The girls all got sweet new YL hats that they immediately put on. I'm pretty sure they're never taking them off.

The Land Diving came back out on stage during dinner, we met BD for the first time (best character ever) and then they had us follow them out to the lake front.

We played a few mixers with all of camp right in front of the beach.

We had a half hour before the first club so we got our HSE girls to find the club room so we could wait outside the doors. No one else had figured out the wait-for-club-to-start plan yet so we got to take a billion pictures. Which I realize starts with a billion pictures of just me in the exact same pose with each girl... but that's what we've got.

These kids are so fun and so good at taking pictures.

Wouldn't you want to hang out with all of them for a week?

We met Swift and Swag at the beginning of club. They're making a chicken music video that they're hoping to sell to KFC or Chik Fil A. They'll be teaching us part of the dance each night until we film the video.

Dancing and singing at club is my favorite thing. HSE girls started off strong in the front two rows of the club room, the party section.

Then the Peeps cheerleaders came out with the Perfect Cheer and pulled up kids and leaders for the first game. The kids threw peeps at their leaders target.

Chris, this week's speaker, started telling us about an invitation that we're all getting from God. He started telling us about this person of God and how it matters who the invite is coming from.

After a really good cabin time we came back out to find we were being sent on a photo scavenger hunt all over camp in the dark. We still don't really know where we're going around here which made things a little bit tricky.

I love these girls.

Day 1 was a grand success. Can't wait for what's to come.

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