Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I hit my head on the chicken coop and now it's pounding #camptproblems

Happy Wolf Shirt Wednesday everybody! Taylor and Rachel were so excited to whip out their wolf shirts today. These girls love Camp T trends.

I was really proud of the CILTs this morning when they took the initiative to lead a flagpole song.

Little Leah joined all the CILTs and counselors for Wolf Shirt Wednesday. Ahhooooooooooo

There is just so much love in camp that it's thick in the air. Smooney and Peanut are sisters and best friends. I love Lizzy Dale more than friendship bracelets and get so excited whenever I see her.

We got to sing "One Thing Remains" and "Desert Song" at chapel today. They did the Giving Tree skit and talked about sacrificial love. Mornings in the Green Cathedral are one of my favorite things. A church can't get much more beautiful than this.

Sometimes it hits me how awesome it is that I get to see these friends every day. During the rest of the year it would take planning and hours of driving just to see these friends for dinner or a weekend visit. Here we get to cross paths all the time.

The CILTs taught their mini-clinics this morning. We did some soccer drills...

played tennis baseball, practiced our beach volleyball skills...

learned a dance medley, built sweet sandcastles...

practiced hopping tables and knotted paracoord key chains.

Caitlyn was in Choctaw with Jamie and me at the end of the summer last year. It's so fun to see her around all the time and play with her.

We sneak attacked Madison at lunch to do the Order of the Oar. She never tried to say it wasn't her birthday or ask why we were doing it. I love that she just went with it.

We've got a new CILT each day for the past three days and the whole Team is finally here now. We're 41 strong this session and got to take our first official group photo.

Don't these kids look so fun?

It's a Gold Rush week so we set up our Gold Station and Dance Party in-front of the pool house again. We've seriously got the best job in camp-- cheering on the kids as they bring in gold and rocking out to TSwift, Imagine Dragon, Hannah Montana and Justin Bieber the whole time.

Dancing is one of our strengths. So is being excited.

How impressed are you with these gentlemen's ties?

I'm so glad that Emily and Katie are here working DC. They're the best.

This is Erin and Irene. They drink double decker Diet Cokes. They're Day Camp coords who don't take rest hour because they don't want to miss out on life. They make my days at camp better when I see them.

The boulder was carried out for this week's reigning champions of Gold Rush for the Braves and Blazers.

I stuck around camp tonight for my night off which was a great decision. I got to eat tacos with Shoshone and Arapaho, meet Stanley R in Iroquois, see Haley and Finney Baby, give hugs to all my Pathfinder girls, and say hi to Warrior CILTs during dinner. 

The best part was I had great wireless in the fellowship room since no one else was in there most of the night. I finally had the time to blog and get caught up on Tecumseh posts (Wyld Life Camp is still to come). I even got a PL finished up too. I know that I don't have to blog all the time but it's something I want to do. Summer camp is my favorite story to share.

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