Friday, June 7, 2013

"Drilled it!"

I woke up to the birds chirping and the sun shining. We survived the night in the hammocks with no raccoon attacks or downpours.

I helped with check in at the lake in the morning again and two crazy things happened.
One- A 4-H counselor checking in told me her name was Effie and we realized she was one of my really fun Day Campers my first summer on staff. Craziness.
Two- Another 4-H counselor didn't have a buddy so she sat on the bench and talked with me. We figured out she goes to Delphi HS and we talked about connections for half an hour. It was so fun.

During clinic trainings in the afternoon I hung out on the porch of Kampen with these fun friends. They learned about mask making, we worked on friendship bracelets, talked about the Day Camp counselors coming in next week and Jamie drew fun pictures.

Maggie and Ellyn lathed pens. They started with blocks of wood, measured out lines, sawed them into two pieces, drilled a hole, stuck in this thing made of brass, glued in the piece, milled it, put it on the lathe, chiseled it, buffed it and polished it.

Our last dinner of staff training was a country hoe down. Nothing like kicking off summer with some overalls.

I hate that when we come back on Sunday we'll not see the people in the other village as often but I'm still so excited about all of these friends. I love returning friends and am so excited about new people that are joining this family.

I love awkward Pledge of Allegiance pictures.

I'm thankful that I get to spend all summer with Smooney and Jamie (and Alex too) right by my side. We're going to have such a blast.

Theme dinners are so much fun. David and Mags love singing Taylor Swift songs on their chairs.

Ted proposed to Chrissy. She said yes. I loved getting to play with Sophie this week. She's a rock star camp kid.

We did some country line dancing and some friends did some couple dancing too.

After dinner we watched the staff training video that Bobby made after the whole week. I always love seeing all the clips pieced together. We finished training with the traditional "Shalom my friend" song that Heidi brought to camp years and years ago.

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