Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back at home with CILTs of Session 1

I got back to Camp late Monday night from Wyld Life Camp. I walked into the Longhouse and was immediately attacked by all of the CILT girls. They were screaming and hugging me and it was one of the best homecomings ever-- I felt so loved and missed. They all had a billion stories for me while I unpacked and I got to catch up on so many things that happened while I was away. I sat in devotions with them as we talked about friendship and it felt so good to be right back in my favorite place. I'm so glad I have five more days with these kids.

Tuesday morning I woke up so excited to be back at Tecumseh for my favorite day of CILTs-- Day Camp shadow and RFAJWD. I got to see counselor friends at flagpole and find campers like Ellie that I love so much.

The CILTs regrouped on the Longhouse porch before heading back to the OT to find our trail groups and start our day with the kids.

We choose out four new challenges from the CILT jar for this second week:

It's such a weird feeling to get thrown back into CILTs after being going for five days. In some ways it feels like I never left in others I feel like I missed out on so much time with them. I just love these girls and am so happy to be back together.

I LOVE Day Camp. The summers I worked DC were two of my favorites and I'm so thankful that I get to jump back in here a couple times each summer. Spotting counselors and CILTs engaging with these kids is one of my favorite things.

DC does a special chapel under the pavilion, goes over the 3 rules of Day Camp, announces the word of the day and screams the DC cheer before splitting off for their own activities.

A favorite activity is Cheetos head. Kids cover counselors and CILTs with shaving cream and then throw Cheetos at their heads to make them stick.

At Ft. Disco more kids were running around chasing the counselors and CILTs to try to put them into jail.

I helped Jordan and Hayden deliver away lunches and then ate with the Explorers and Voyagers up at the Lake Pavilion.

We spent the next two hours at the pool watching all the different age groups rotate through for swim lessons and free swim. I don't know if life can get more precious than this.

The CILTs did a spectacular job today and I'm so proud of all of them. After finishing up evals and talking with Jordan we headed back for a much needed rest hour.

We spent all night doing RFAJWD. It was awesome. But that's all I can say....

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