Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CILT adventures and shenanigans

Hooray for Wolf Shirt Wednesday and camp friends and being excited about the day even when you're so incredibly exhausted.

We watched the star-bellied sneetches in chapel this morning, one of my favorite stories to watch acted out.

The CILTs spent the morning doing the Sherpa Walk challenge. It's interesting for me to see how every session approaches this complex task. There's no one right way to get things done and I always look for people who will step up to lead in creative ways.

Had to find Ellyn for our daily picture together. I love the time before lunch when everyone is playing with everyone. It's so fun to get to know kids from all the cabins and see counselors making connections with different kids. There's jump rope and four-square, tetherball and ga-ga, quiet conversations and blowing bubbles. Everyone has something going on.

I've loved playing with Eliza for two weeks and I made friends with these girls Katie and Kailey this week.

We ran to the trading post as soon as we realized, "THEY'RE HERE! THEY'RE HERE!" Our new CILT counselor party tanks have arrived.

Usually counselors order their unit shirts later in the summer but we wanted to be able to wear ours while our campers were actually at camp. So excited about these tanks.

All of River Village played 4-team capture the flag in the afternoon. Main Field was split up into four different areas, all trying to protect their own flags and steal everyone else's. The CILT counselors got to man the water stations and play music so it was one giant dance party as well.

I love when the DC counselors pass through Main Field in the afternoon and we get to see them too.

We planned night chapel and Friday's chapel during the rest of the afternoon so the CILT counselors never made it out to the pool after pop stop. I took my first official night off though and got to eat dinner at Puccini's with Molly, Annie, Anna, Chrissy and more friends. I'm so thankful all of these people are on staff and that we've got such close friendships. After a Wal-Mart run we met up with everyone who was eating ice-cream at the Silver Dipper. Kathryn showed us the Before I die... chalkboard that I think is one of the coolest things ever. I added, "go on Wilderness" to one of the lines and Annie wrote, "live in Africa."

I got back to camp in time to hang out with CILTs in the Longhouse and then help with our first night chapel of the summer. Hearing testimonies from Alex and Jamie was really awesome and I love getting to sing all together in the Green Cathedral at night. Camp life is good.

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  1. I saw two pictures of my friend Sarah Ryan up there from the four team capture the flag game. She was on the black team. I talked about her in a letter I sent you. I think its cool that you had pictures from her, and I talked about her in the letter. :D