Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Oh holy" Michindoh day 4

In Club this morning we finally got to film the chicken commercial that we've been working on all week. These chickens have been teaching us a little more of the dance each day and today we put it all together for the music video.

Chloe and I got called up front for a game. She was biting a string that had a peep attached to it. She had to dip the peep into a bowl of chocolate and then swing it into my mouth. I had to eat the whole peep off of the string to win. We got first place!

This morning Speaker Mike brought his kids up on stage to illustrate a point. They each were wearing a shirt with their last name on it because they were part of this family. But then they took that off to reveal a shirt with just their name on it underneath. They wanted to live their lives the way they wanted too instead of going along with their dad. Most of us live life the way we want to instead of following Christ. When we choose to sin we're missing the mark and going our own way.

We had a ton of messy games in the field this morning. We got to throw water balloons, cups of flour and shaving cream in an epic battle. Then the grand finale was a jump in the mud pit. I couldn't take my camera because it was so dirty and crazy, but it was one of the best mud pits I've ever seen.

All of camp had a picnic lunch outside right after because we were all so dirty. I had a great adventure in the woods with Brookie, Julia, Alana, Erin, Alli Sams, Maddy and Kaelyn before going to the water slide. This group is so much fun.

After we went down the slide a couple times the girls wanted to go back to the iceberg to try it again. Today was beautiful. Every day here has been beautiful.

So many of our girls made it all the way up to the top of the mountain today.

We saw KCraig's cabin go by on the banana boat and waved to them.

Allison and I sat on the dock to watch our girls and cheer them on. There was a floating mat on one side that helped the girls get started but Maddy just went for it and got up on her own.

Once you get all the way up you just slide down the front side which is a little terrifying at first but then not too bad.

Our last full day here at Michindoh, we had to go back and try everything again. Girls got shot off of the blog.

We went back to the slide again-- easily the coolest attraction at this camp.

While I was doing my one on one with Chloe, these girls decided to go canoeing together. Brooke, Erin and Julia also became best friends mid-paddling on their adventure.

At this point camp feels like a second home and we really don't want to leave tomorrow. We'd happily stay here for another week with all of our friends.

Tonight we "dressed up" for dinner which basically mean we put on clean clothes and shorts that weren't nike shorts. Then after dinner took a ton of pictures together before Club.

Hannah and Allison are two of my old YL girls that are all grown up now. It's the biggest blessing to get to lead alongside both of them. They are incredible followers of God and I'm so encouraged in my own walk to have their passion and zeal. I love getting to lead cabin time conversations with them, go crazy in the middle of club and work together to make this the best week ever for our girls.

I have loved spending the past few days with this group of people. There is so much energy and enthusiasm in this group that I know will explode when we go back to school this year. I'm so pumped about these 8th graders that will move into the freshmen center and start coming to our weekly campaigners meetings. I'm excited about these 7th graders that will become the 8th grade leaders in our school. They all have the potential to bring more people along with them as they're following Christ back at home.

These are the 8th graders that came with us last summer to Timber Wolf Lake. They were the guinea pigs trying it out for the first time and they fell in love with Young Life. This year they were joined by nearly 60 first timers. The growth we're seeing is incredible and all the credit totally goes to God. It's exciting to get to be part of something with this much energy.

These kids are sweet. Wouldn't you want to join them?

I love that Hannah got plugged in with this group of girls and know that she'll try to come visit Wyld Life whenever she can this year. It would be awesome if she could come back to camp with them again next summer.

I loved getting to play with all of these 8th grade girls this week and seeing camp through their eyes for the first time. Your first YL camp trip is always one of the best because it's unlike anything you've ever experienced before. 

KCraig, Lori, Molly and I are so excited to go back home with all of these girls and get to keep seeing them every week back in Fishers. We grew so much here at camp both with God and with each other, but it's exciting that we've still got more growing to do.

These kids are some of my favorite people in the world. Seriously. And even though I had to be away from CILTs for five days (which was really hard) it was still totally worth it. Love these girls so much.

I've had so much fun with girls like Julia and Brookie this week and am so glad I got to be one of their leaders.


These girls have become some of the main characters in my life in the past two years. I think they're the greatest and believe in each one of them. They're each so special and have so many gifts to share with the world around them.

We're good at taking a massive amount of pictures...

But I don't really think it's possible to take too many pictures at camp with your friends.

Back scratching trains are the best.

We made it into Club and found that tonight was a very special night. All the characters came together for the opera where all their stories intertwine and you find that they're all related.

Something really cool they did this week was to invite kids and leaders to participate by becoming one of the characters or taking on some other role. Molly and Lori got to be land divers. Whitney and Adam were judges of the competition.

Our leaders (in the green) were hilarious.

Speaker Mike told us tonight about the way that God made for us to be completely forgiven so we can join him someday for eternal life. He tied to together everything we'd been talking about this week by sharing this great news of the gift God has for us.

We went outside for our twenty minutes. This is a time when all of the kids spread out all over camp and have twenty minutes to just sit with God. They can pray or just sit quietly, whatever they want.

I love that we give everyone time to just be. Time to not have to listen or be distracted by anything. For twenty minutes its just them and God.

We had one more cabin time and it was so great. We sat in our circle talking for a really long time tonight. Even after this many days together there is still more to say and more questions to ask. When we finished up it was time to go to the concert outside. Our camp musician and one of the program guys were playing at the campfire amphitheatre near the lake.

We sang along to some songs and listened to others. Matt shared part of his testimony at one point and it was really cool. It was just fun to get to be all together on our last night at camp. It has been such a good week.

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