Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dear Miss Wright

At the end of each semester my students spend a day writing a letter to one of their favorite teachers. I get to deliver their letters to all of the other teachers in the school and I love how excited they get to read what their students have written about them. After five months together these kids can still surprise us with what they think and remember. I wanted to share some of the funny and interesting things some of my students wrote about me.

One thing I learned about life from you was to always look at the positive side of things. Whenever there was a bad situation, you would always be the one to find something good about it. You are always meeting new people or coming up with something fun or adventurous to do. You're more than a teacher to my friends and I-- you've become our friend.

You are always so eager to greet your students when they walk into your classroom. Your kindness makes others want to be kind too. 

I love when we get all our work done and you let us watch Ellen videos. Then I end up walking out of your room laughing or giggling on my way to lunch.

Whenever a loud, unexpected noise happens, like a fire alarm, you always jump and are shocked. I remember at Campaigners when Syd put all of the chewed gum in her mouth and you were cracking up which made me laugh. You never exactly taught us to be ourselves, but your personality shows the real you. You always know what to say without sounding rude, can stand up for yourself, can always say what you feel and be a really good friend to others.

Your classroom is the perfect example of your personality. All of the bright colors, motivational quotes, paintings, Taylor Swift post covering the clock so no one sees the time, and pictures show who you are and what you like as a person. Every day you are working on a new bracelet, sipping on Diet Coke and reading a blog. 

I really enjoy walking by you in the hall because you always say hello to me. That brightens my day a little. 

I love how you could not care less of what other's think of you, I really need to start following you on that. You try to make a difference in a positive way. Remember that sign in your classroom that says, "Make Yourself Proud"? I've been trying to remind myself of that since I saw that sign and that has made me a happier person already. 

I will never, ever forget the time you took me and some other girls from FBC to a less fortunate school to teach them how to make bracelets. The kids were all so kind and it made me feel good inside. I can't wait to go to Castaway with you this summer and give away all of my bracelets to make other people's wrists less boring!

You always invite people into your life, and you don't judge either. You love to smile which makes other people smile. I'll never forget the way you really look at people-- like their personalities. You always tell people how awesome they are and how much they rock. 

You are a role model and a trend setter. When you came to my dance competition I knew you were more than just a regular teacher. You were special. You were a teacher who was willing to drive for an hour to see a couple of students. I will never forget that. 

I have a question. How can you make so many bracelets in one day? 

When I first came to your class, I was nervous and shy (I still am), but you taught me to always be happy and smile. I have always had a hard time making friends and keeping in touch with my other friends but this year seemed really rough for me. In the beginning of the second semester, you showed me that i need to not be as shy and that it is okay to make mistakes. Just yesterday, I was brave enough to go to our neighbor's house and introduce myself, only to find my friend living there. 

You are a total "rock star" to me. Thank you for making my life awesome. 

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