Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"I'm sorry I can't come. My stupid pants didn't dry so they're sopping wet."

Last week I told you about Camp + Out, a company I discovered that I really love. This week I'm loving Keep Exploring. I got their pennant which I'm pretty pumped to hang up and/or take to Tecumseh this summer. 

Keep Exploring is the simple idea that adventure can be found anywhere. We are trying to be better explorers by seeking out opportunities in everyday life. This is a collaborative movement - Everyone is invited. Start looking for new roads to take, old mountains to climb, and wild food to chew.

I'll be at school till about 8:00 each day this week for Camp Tecumseh Field Trip Counselor Interviews. We've got 127 HS students interviewing for 32 available spots. Oh. My. Goodness. I wish we could take so many more of these kids then we will be able to.

When I finally left the Junior High the HSE girls softball was just finishing up and I got to watch the last five minutes of their game with Katie and Han. I was happy to get to see Katy, Shelby, Ashley and Madi after their win. Such rock stars.

I noticed that the Lax girls were playing too and heard they were against Cathedral-- I immediately got excited because I know a handful of girls that play for them. I caught the last few minutes of their game and then got to talk to girls on the track. I saw Ella, talked with CILTies Kate and Grace, chatted with Grayce P who used to go to HSE, saw my YL girl Kaelyn and even Maggie Ganey too. So many great people. 

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