Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"I just love when I get to see you."

Today for our last 10 Minute Write of the year I asked my students to make a list of memories from the past school year. Here are some of the ones that came to mind...

  1. Sydney and Emily leaving post it notes on my desk during passing periods.
  2. Dance party at the Wyld Life Lock Out, playing 8 straight games of laser tag with Maddie, and being Team America with 8th grade girls. 
  3. Taking a lap through the upstairs hall to see 8th graders before 6th period.
  4. Eating "wishing seeds" aka apple seeds with Olivia Vicory, Cecilia and Fudge after lunch.
  5. Cheering at cross country races, track meets, basketball games and softball games. 
  6. Campaigners in the cubby room with Sophomores and Seniors every Monday night.
  7. Siblings Club was the wildest night of YL ever and every one we knew showed up.
  8. The DC Field Trip-- getting to lick the wall of the White House, picking up DC cupcakes, running into Maggie and Fitzie, dance party at the hotel.
  9. Seeing Rend Collective live with Liz Huston.
  10. Becoming so close with Hannah Conrad all year.
  11. The Winter Staff Reunion with Claire Smedley, Abby Bien and Michelle Mooney.
  12. Attending StoryLine in Chicago with Ben and getting to hear/meet/see Bob Goff, Shauna Niequist, Glennon Doyle Melton and Donald Miller all at the very same time.
  13. Making 420+ friendship bracelets in one school year and giving over 150 away to people at HSJH and YL.
  14. Taking FBC girls to volunteer at the Brookside after school program.
  15. Going to the State Fair with Brooke and Emily.
  16. Watching HS and Junior High volleyball games.
  17. The Camp Tecumseh Field Trip-- so many awesome HS counselors, Rachel spilling a table of cupcakes, nightly dance parties, tasting baby food at the lake, hanging out with YL kids and leaders.
  18. CILT Winter Reunion-- best 24 hours of the year. Love tanks, small groups, Newlywed Game, dinner dance party, new lyrics to Bad Blood, singing at the new chapel.
  19. Over 200 pink monogram FBC sweatshirts, exclusive Varsity FBC frockets, collector's item FBC tanks for the summer. 
  20. Friday morning bible studies with 8th grade girls reading Cold Tangerines.
  21. Surprising Arielle in Colorado over Spring Break with Smooney, Ellyn and the Happ twins.
  22. Wyld Life Campaigners at Mama Bear's every other week.
  23. Meeting and become friends with Cassidy Leum, Katie Timmons and Ashley Rohr. 
  24. All City Young Life Club at the Pacer's game when Julia and I won the upfront game and she got a wound on her shin and I chugged hot sauce.
  25. All City Wyld Life Club at A+ Gymnastics when all the kids went totally nuts on the beams, rings, nets, pits, trampolines and bars. 
  26. Visiting the Ice Tree with Liz Koch, Julia and Han.
  27. Rewatching all of Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls and Parenthood.
  28. YL Leader Summit at Michindoh with our HSE team and friends from all over the region.
  29. Trips to Chicago to visit Tecumseh friends-- counselors, Blazers, CILTs and DC counselors.
  30. Family Christmas ski trip at Crystal Mountain.
  31. Photo shoot and Chipotle for Julia's birthday party with all her best friends. 
  32. Best snow day ever with Katy, Grace, Julia, Ciarra, Hope and Abby.
  33. Making a Friendship Bracelet Christmas Tree for the teacher hat contest at HSJH.
  34. Traveling to NH with mom, Katie, Linc and Red to visit Grandma.
  35. Katy, Hope and I surprised Julia at her lake house after her concussion.
  36. Going to the movie premiers of Mockingjay and Insurgent with Audrey, Lulu, Julia, Elise and friends. 

Thank God for Hannah Conrad and Ashley Rohr. I was experiencing a Diet Coke drought over at the Junior High and they saved the day. Thanks to their finals schedule, they got me the largest Diet Coke they could find and brought it to me at school. I love these girls.

8th graders have finished their year with their traditional teacher caricature posters. Maddie brought me my first one today. I love these drawings and can't wait to hang it up in my room at Fall Creek next year. 

We met early Wednesday morning with KCraig for our last devotion together. Hopefully next year we'll be doing this every week as KCraig hops from school to school.

Before heading off to camp for the summer, I got one last night to hang out with two of my oldest camp friends. Emily and I walked her dog Auggie, went to dinner and then saw Rachel. I miss when we were all working in the Riv together but am so glad we all live in the same place. 

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