Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Freaking patriarchy. My feminist blood is boiling right now."

I love that block scheduling has created a "I miss you!" mentality when I don't see kids for a day.
I love surprise art projects from students like Reece, Blake, Katie and Maddie.

I love getting to see the HS kids when they come for Tecumseh interviews and catching up with people like Andrew, Ashley, Cookie, Kayla, Cassidy and Linnea. 
I love this Stained Glass friendship bracelet pattern.

I love being able to add to the birthday celebrations of Kaelyn, Sydney and Shelby & Courtney Mager today. 
I love that I got to have a lunch date with Hannah at Olive Garden because of my extra long lunch period.

In honor of registration opening for Story Line 2015, some of my favorite quotes from last year's conference:

I want people to meet me and you and feel like they just met heaven. -Bob Goff

God does something when we stand up and say, "I want to do something with you. I want to build something with you." We bond when we do stuff together. God's dying to do something with us.-Donald Miller

We'll never honor Christ if we forget to honor each other. I don't think people follow vision, I think they follow availability. -Bob Goff

God is not some crappy middle schooler who sends us 1 invitation and then just shuns us forever if we reject it. I think He's always working on a new invitation for us. If we're alive then we're invited. -Glennon Doyle Melton

The myth is that you can do everything. You have to have a set of priorities. The choices we make are important because they shape the meaning of our life. -Michael Hyatt

God's in no hurry-- he's way more interested in your character development than your comfort. -Donald Miller

We should eliminate the words "some day" from our vocabulary. It's a mirage, a myth. It makes us think we'll be ready when we start but you'll never be totally ready. -Shauna Niequist

All lives are beautiful... but I think some lives are lived with more meaning than others. I want you to figure out how to have a more meaningful life. -Donald Miller

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