Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"He threw up twice? It's fine, he does it all the time."

Kid President has a new Pep Talk For Graduates that's pretty great. I love these lines...

Fill your life with the good stuff people.
Be your own Beyonce.
The world is more awesome just because you're in it.
Anything can happen. Have you seen Air Bud? It's a story of a dog playing basketball. They made like eighteen of them!
We all have the capacity for greatness. 

The sports tonight started at the Junior High as I timed for the three way meet against Clay and Noblesville. Lulu and Beau's parents came with a big sign that said, "It's a great day for a PR!" Many of the runners did end up with their best time of the whole season. I love getting to watch the relays and the distance events best-- seeing the way they encourage and support one another on the track is so cool. 

After the meet at HSJH, Audrey and I both ended up at the HS track for their Conference meet. Hannah was already finished with high jump and she got fourth so she should be moving on to Sectionals next week. I did get to see Grace and Rach run which I love. Courtney, a CILT from two summers ago, was even there from Zionsville.

Since it's #tecumsehtuesday I asked a few friends, "If I was a camp today I would _____________."

Be smiling ear to ear and wearing my favorite clothes and hugging all my friends. -Ellyn

Dance around and try to do the new zip line. -Alli Kenney

Have a dance party and yell nice things to people because I'm just so excited to be there. -Maddy Wilson

Play Empire! -Olivia Kinsella

Raid the kitchen for baked oatmeal and bug juice. -Avery Tudor

Go to the GaGa pits and dominate. -Cecilia

Cheer at the top of my lungs at flagpole. -Brenna Fritzsche

Zip line across the lake! -Kelly Wentland

Sit on the bench before lunch and have long talks. -Erin Dickett

Go on the blob all afternoon. -Elise Gerken

Be learning how to make cool friendship bracelets. -Erin Williams

Go on the blob and meet new people. -Alice Scanelli

Eating pizza and getting serenaded after showers. -Julia Plant

Oh how I can't wait for every single one of those moments.

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