Friday, May 22, 2015

"I'm a little nervous about if the cabins will be freezing at night."

This morning this large bible study met for the very last time. We've been gathering together since the start of their 7th grade year and now they're about to become freshmen. I hope that in our mornings and weeks together I've been able to point them to Jesus, introduce them to awesome people like Bob Goff and Shauna Niequist and help them think more about what God wants for their lives. 

The neon FBC tanks were all over the school today because we're just so excited about them. Maddie and Tori were pumped in class, Taylor and I ran into each other in the hall and I got to hand out the last few. These collector's items are a hit. I predict I wear it every single week this summer... maybe twice a week if I can swing it.

Year books just came in at the HSJH-- check out this FBC spread.

I popped in at the County Junior High track meet to cheer on Fudge, Sami and the rest of their team early Friday evening. They've had an awesome season and were ready for their last races around the track. I admire these girls' hard work, determination and camaraderie. They are rock stars.

The rest of the night was devoted to a Pre-Camp Sleepover at the Barn. We invited all of the female kids and leaders who will be going on our trip next week to come to an overnight so we could get excited and get to know each other better.

The anticipation is off the charts at this point.

Many of these 8th graders came with us to Michindoh last summer and they can't wait to return to camp. They've brought along more of their friends and now we'll have three whole cabins of 8th grade girls.

Our 7th graders haven't been to camp yet, but they're so excited about the trip and getting to go to Castaway in Minnesota. I love their enthusiasm and spunk and can't way to overlap for a week this summer.

Camping is in my blood and one of my very favorite things in the world. As a Young Life leader, camp is so special because you go to camp with kids that you already have friendships with, experience something totally amazing as a cabin, and then come back home to keep living life together. Our stories are all intertwined and we get to encourage and support one another.

We'll be leaving for camp just five days after school ends-- I can think of no better way for them to start their summer. I can't wait for Julia, Natalie, Julia and Rachel to all experience Wyld Life camp for the first time. They're going to love it.

Friday night was full of silly games, a choreographed dance off, an abundance of snacks, an unforgettable cabin time and so much laughter. I'm thankful for our leaders and for each of these girls.

We squeezed all 50 of us upstairs-- piled up in the loft, tucked into the bunks and lined up on the floor. I read a story from Cold Tangerines, just like at camp, and somehow most of them fell asleep. I can't imagine ever having a cabin group this large, but I can't wait for Castaway with a cabin of 12 girls in just a few short days. It's going to be awesome.

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