Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"I wanted to wear a pioneer dress but I also wanted to wear a neck brace and that would just be really awkward."

Wednesday mornings have become early morning devotions at the HSJH. I miss having KCraig here teaching every single day so it's good to see her in this setting again. This morning we talked about the sin that weighs us down like rocks in a backpack and how God wants to lighten our load by replacing those things with grace and love and joy and peace. I love that this group is a hodge podge of 7th and 8th graders each time. I'm excited to continue next year at Fall Creek Junior High.

And yes, that is my face on a stick with Blake and Sydney. I couldn't make it to the Orchestra concert Monday night to receive a Teacher Recognition from Joyce and Isaiah so Trulock accepted them as me with my face on a stick.

This is my classroom. Room 124 at HSE Junior High. I'm at the end of hall, right next to Mr. Hodgin. I have a view of the parking lot, I'm across the hall from the computer lab and only ten steps from the teacher workroom. I have loved this classroom.

I've had a "Refrigerator Door" since I started teaching. A white board covered in photographs of classes, sporting events, Wyld Life clubs, field trips, HSJH kids at Tecumseh, Friendship Bracelet Club, teacher fun and spirit days. It's one of my favorite things to update.

Taylor is just chilling on the clock because it's always Taylor Time in my classroom. One of my teacher pet peeves is having students pack up early when there is still time to work-- TSwift helps with that.

I vowed to never put up one of those pre-made teacher posters in my classroom. Instead, my walls are covered with calender pages, drawings from students, caricatures from 8th grade art, National FBC Day signs and quotes from books and Kid President. You can't help but have fun in this space.

The area by my desk is one of my favorite corners of the room. Crayon art I made with Molly, paint square pennants I made with Natty B, Tecumseh and Hope signs, my favorite quotable quote cards and pictures of all the people on my home team.

Today my room got packed. After school twelve girls helped me pack everything up. I split them into four teams and they were each assigned a wall to tackle. We sorted, stacked, boxed, cleaned, organized and packed it all in just an hour and a half. We saved the streamers to tear down last so we could all do it together as the grand finale.

Now the boxes have to be stacked on a pallet, shrink wrapped together and then moved over to Fall Creek Junior High where I will be teaching next year. Hopefully it will be just as easy to put it all up as it was to tear it all down.

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