Thursday, May 28, 2015

"It's the greatest underdog story in dodgeball history."

During my prep period this afternoon I got to sneak outside to the 8th grade celebration. They took a class picture in the bleachers before their party started. I'm such a fan of this class and will miss not seeing them as regularly next year. 

After school today 19 teams battled in our annual school dodgeball competition. Kids draft a team of 4 boys, 4 girls and 1 teacher. My favorite team uniform this year goes to Mr. Couch's team that wore his Harley Davidson tshirts. Couchie for the win.

My team rocked jerseys, neon hats and potholder headbands and the most enthusiasm. I have historically never won a single game so I was mentally prepared to lose in the first round. We even brought our own medals and trophies because it would be ironic. But somehow in our first game against Mr. Brown's team WE WON!!!!! We were screaming and jumping and hats were flying.

I was pretty stoked with a single victory. Next we faced off against Mr. Runge's team AND WE WON AGAIN!!! Our strategy was to let Tyler, Jake and Ben use our 3 life cards, while the girls just tried to stay in and not risk throwing a ball and having it get caught. Adam, the one with the clipboard, was our coach and biggest fan on the sideline through it all.

In the 3rd round, aka the Final Four, we battled Mr. Klobusnik's team and once again everyone was sure we'd get out. But our boys were awesome once again AND WE WONNNNNNN!!!!!!

For the championship game against Mrs. Hauser's team we moved over to the main gym. Everyone that had played us couldn't believe we made it this far-- neither could we. Our guys rocked again and then Benny Boy threw the balls like cannons when he was the last boy on the court. WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Pretty unbelievable. I think I'll be in shock for awhile and this will never happen again. So proud of these kids. YEAH SPORTS!

It's my very last night in Fishers before I head off to Tecumseh for the rest of the summer. I quickly sorted and packed up the rest of my stuff in my apartment. Hannah and Julia came over for one last adventure and then Maddie and Cecilia showed up too. They were hesitant to help me carry all of my stuff to my car but I bribed them all with friendship bracelets. Gotta do what you gotta do. 

After a whole year of being the best of friends, Julia, Han and I got to hang out one last time. Dinner at McAllister's, snow cones, precious conversations, singing in the car, plotting for assassins and being sad about leaving each other. I love these two so much and am so thankful that I'm lucky enough to be part of their lives. They've made me a better person and taught me so much about loving people well.

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