Saturday, May 30, 2015

"This is Sarah Wright's world, we're just living in it. Oh, and I really missed your handwriting."

Today one of the girls who will be in Session 1 texted me, 
"So hype for neon hats and hobo dinners and crazy kiddos who just want to be your friends and deep devos where people cry because they're relieved and happy chapels and singing out hearts out and random dancing and being with the other CILTs and cuddling in one bunk and being silly and living out God's love in goofy and childlike ways that just prove that our big, big God is real."

Yes to all of that. Yes to waking up in your bunk and remembering that you're finally at camp. Yes to reuniting with old friends like Peanut and Brunner Runner Runner. 

Yes to Diet Coke parties all day long. Yes to Erin and Kristen being weird and that being totally acceptable.

Yes to learning new things like towel chickens. Yes to being silly.

Yes to the kind of friends that listen and scratch your back without being asked and who will lick chicken crumbs with you if you invite them to join the club.

Yes to becoming friends with someone in about 10 seconds. Yes to being so happy all the time.

Yes to bringing back point and shoot selfies since we can't use our phone cameras at camp.

Yes to daily pics with Ellyn.

Yes to trashketball and cheering everyone on.

Yes to laughing with Ellyn and hanging out with Alli and Tim. Yes to Liz arriving tomorrow!

Yes to teaching the whole staff a choreographed dance. Yes to laughing at meals around circle tables.

Yes to devotions in a circle around a candle and giving each other encouragement. Yes to falling asleep in your bunk with 12 other friends in the cabin.

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