Monday, May 25, 2015

"If I had to choose anyone to be on an island with, I would choose you because I know you would not only have enough friendship bracelet string to become friends with the islander people who have never seen humans before and don't speak English, but also because you would inspire me to not give up faith and keep believing that help will come."

A few weeks ago Fudge asked if she could "reserve" me on Memorial Day for some kind of a secret adventure. Of course I said yes. A few days ago I found out that this surprise would happen from 10-12 but I still didn't know anything else. When I showed up at the Andritsch house this morning I was happily to find 10 more girls from our bible study waiting to surprise me. 

These girls had orchestrated a whole morning of adventure and kept the whole thing a secret from me. Unfortunately Fudge has a really bad concussion from a fall at her track meet on Friday night so she wasn't able to join us. She was there is spirit and we brought along her little sister Ava as a mini-Audrey in her place. 

Grace and Vicky drove all of us so I was totally clueless about our destinations. It was very odd to not be the person chauffeuring all the girls around. Each spot we went to had a hidden plastic bag with a few handwritten letters from these girls inside.

Stop #1-- Mama Bear's is the location of  our bi-weekly Wyld Life Campaigners

Stop #2-- HTC movies where we've gone together to the premiers of Hunger Games, Divergent, Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

Stop #3 Starbucks has been the spot for so many coffee dates and friendship bracelet sessions.

Stop #4 HSE Junior High-- It's wild that this will be the last week at this building for all of us. The girls are about to move over to HSE High School and I'll be moving to Fall Creek Junior High. I have loved being their teacher, leader and friend in these halls.

Stop #5-- Brooks School Park doesn't hold a specific memory for this group, but we do love to play. Something I love about this group is their willingness to still act like kids, be silly and goofy and just play.

We ended the adventure back at the Andritsch house with picnic lunch inside. I got to sit with Fudge for awhile in her concussed state and tell her how everything had gone off perfectly. When I finally got back home I read all of the girls' notes and was just so overwhelmed by their kindness and love. I can't tell you how much their words mean.

Hannah and I went to the HSE Softball Sectionals game against Carmel in the afternoon to cheer on Ashley, Carly, Madi, Shelby and Katy. It was humid and hot, the crowd was loud, the girls fought hard but it just didn't play out in our favor in the end. It was a sad loss for the girls and just not the way they wanted their season to finish. But I'm so impressed with their hard work and teamwork this year. Han and I grabbed dinner before she had to go to track practice--can't believe we've only got three more days in the same place before I leave for Tecumseh all summer.

I made some more art this weekend for some sweet girls. I get to surprise them with these canvases at school tomorrow--hopefully by sneaking them into their lockers. Each one reminds me so much of the recipient and I will miss seeing them all the time when they go to the HS next year.

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