Sunday, May 17, 2015

"MISS WRIGHT is to tecumseh-ing/being wyld/teaching kids as TAYLOR SWIFT is to making songs so catchy even my dad can sing them."

Friday morning I met with this group of girls for the very last time this school year-- it's the end of an era. It's been such a privilege to get to know them, to share in these conversations for the last two years. I won't see them as often once they're in HS but hopefully they'll stay plugged into YL so our paths will still cross on a regular basis.

Friday night I got to hang out with teacher friends to celebrate Jeannie getting married. I loved spending time with all of them, telling stories, laughing and avoiding the rain. Thankful for great coworkers that have become great friends.

Saturday morning Julia and I worked on a secret little project and picked up some string to replenish her stockpile. She's getting close to her goal for the summer. I've only got two more weeks of bracelet making before I take a sabbatical over the summer.  My hands are ready to take a rest.

Saturday afternoon leaders met out at the Barn for our monthly leadership meeting. Today we gathered with Ryan, KCraig, Scott, Lauren, Hannah, Jeanette, Molly, Alli, Blaire and Brock. They're looking forward to a relaxed summer with kids, we've got 3 big camp trips and so much to be thankful for.

Saturday night Wyld Life had our last Club of the school year and it was MESSY. Imagine being covered in shaving cream, chocolate pudding, paint, applesauce, Cheetos, soggy fruit loops, chicken noodle soup, nacho cheese and pizza. It was all kinds of amazing and disgusting. My friend KCraig is a rock star.

Jack and Linda through an anniversary party Saturday night at the Devoe's Barn for family and friends. I survived the mess of Club and made it out to the festivities for the last hour. I was so excited to see Sarah and Ben and so many other YL friends. I got a picture of Annie and Linda-- two women that I aspire to be like when I grow up. They were looking especially cute tonight, but they're really two of the most exceptional people you'll ever meet. Linda and Jack and Annie and Jon are the  celebrities or the kings and queens of the YL world. They're some of the most genuine, welcoming, intentional, faithful, curious and courageous people you'll ever meet.

Sunday started with church and a heart to heart with my friend Chloe Green. I will miss her so much while I'm away this summer. Thankfully we'll go to Castaway together at the end of June.

Next I headed to see Pitch Perfect 2 with Mac and Emily, two old YL girls that just finished their Junior year at IU. The movie wasn't quite as amazing as the first one but it was still really entertaining.

The best part was getting to hang out with Mac and Emily. We get together when they're home from school about once a semester and I love our time together. These two are still so positive, big dreamers and they take care of their friends so well. I'm thankful that we're still friends years after I was one of their YL leaders.

Every year I have a handful of girls in class that are dancers. After six years of teaching I finally made it to a dance competition. Today Grace, Elise and I drove to Franklin to watch Hannah, Maddy, Reese, Blake and the rest of their studio perform. The show times got scrambled so we missed the last big group dance, but it was still so cool to be there with them. We got to see the older girls do their hip hop number and then saw Blake's solo. Oh. My. Gosh. These girls are so talented.

I finished the weekend hanging out with Hannah-- macaroni and cheese, water gun shopping for assassins, groceries, the question game, friendship bracelets and a heart to heart. Han is continuing to grow into such a beautiful person and I'm lucky to be her friend.

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