Sunday, May 10, 2015

"I kinda like the gray hairs. They look nice."

We only have a few Friday mornings left for bible studies this semester. Today we talked about how nothing can ever separate us from God's love as we wrote our own version of verses and listed to I Am Not Alone by Kari Jobe. The first picture was taken this morning, the second picture was exactly a year ago with the same girls. 

I brought Cami, Amanda, Maddie and Cecilia to school with me. It's the last day of block scheduling, my classes got to watch Hero movies and I had my prep period at the end of the day. We stayed for the talent show after school too and as always it was amazing.

These 7th graders visited again multiple times during the day which always makes me happy. I'm so glad that Jayla, Grace, Sydney, Maddie and Lauren will all be going to Fall Creek next school year when we all split.

Katy, Rachel, Hope, Blaire, Julia and I met up at Chipotle for dinner. We all got to witness Blaire's very first Chipotle experience. She loved it. We decided the relationship between Chipotle and Qdoba is like 5 Guys to McDonalds, Olive Garden to Fazoli's and McCallisters to Subway.

With only a few weekends left here in Indy, I've very happy to spend my time with Julia, these friends and Chipotle burrito bowls.

Next we hit up sports and visited baseball and boys lacrosse. We didn't pay attention very well to either game, but we loved being outside together and seeing more friends that were there.

When we went back home, Julia helped me tackle one of the most exciting and intense tasks of the year. After knotting and completing friendship bracelets all year long, it was time to figure out who they were all going to. I had already made lists of all the resident counselors, campers, day camp counselors and YL kids that these bracelets would go to. Then we had to match a bracelet to each name. Next you make a masking tape tag on each one and write the recipient's name. Lastly, I alphabetized each group on a ring so I'll be able to find the right one quickly once I'm at camp. Can't wait to fill some wrists. 

Saturday morning I got bagels and coffee with Cookie. She wore overalls which should be a clue to her general awesomeness. Cook and I are different in a lot of ways but I think we're also so similar. I love spending time with her and never get tired of our conversations. I always wish we could have more time together. 

Then Haleigh came over to get some help with her TED Talk. In her English class each student has worked on a project and is now presenting a talk on an idea that the world needs to know. Haleigh is going to talk about how each person is valuable and how the labels that the world puts on them don't matter compared to what God says about them. We got to talk a little bit about Wyld Life camp that's quickly approaching and how we can't wait to lead together. 

Saturday night we had Post-It note Club out at the barn for Wyld Life. We never knew we could have so much fun with Post-It notes. I'm so thankful for time with 7th grade girls like Layla, Molly, Sarah, Emily, Alexis and Jayla.

We learned Post-It notes are a great substitute for confetti or being thrown up in the air like leaves in the fall. Only one Wyld Life Club left for the year.

Sunday after church I went to the post office to mail out some very special letters. The day before I had done a spring cleaning overhaul of my apartment and decided it was time to ship out all of these letters. They're from YL and Tecumseh, letters that kids wrote to God several months up to a year ago. There is something so cool about rereading what you wrote so long ago. I hope that each kid will find some encouragement, hope or joy folded up in these letters.

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